Unintended boost for RM recruiting?


The above link details a proposal to halt para regiment jumping for 4 years. One unintended consequence could be a boost for RM recruitment, because if you are a young lad intent of joining, would you want to go through the sh1t of P-Company (surely to be renamed Penguin Company!) and never jump, therefore always being treated as a second class citizen by "real paras" when instead you could be a proper Bootie?
And does anyone really believe that in 4 years PM Brown will really start paying again, or will he say "Well, you have managed okay so far without jumping..."
I think you're probably right on both counts. If they can't do the jumps, I can imagine them losing a lot of potential recruits, though many of them will probably just go elsewhere in the Army (isn't one of the Rifles battalions going to be Commando roled?).

I can imagine that fewer and fewer people are going to do parachute training in the future, both because of the cost, and the fact that large scale airborne operations seem to be a thing of the past.

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