Uniforms.. Greens, Desserts - For Sailors..

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fish21, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, i know a few people were talking about the open day at HMS Raleigh that went on today.. Just wanted to say it was cracking. For a civvie insight into the service. Nearly 300 miles there and back in all but well worth it :p CANNOT wait to start basic now :)

    On the trip down i seen some (what i thought were sailors) in some services near Plymouth with dessert gear on.. Wondered if anyone could shed some light on this? Do sailors get issued greens, dessert gear etc or was i mistaken? They had Royal Navy planted all over there uniform from what i could make out.. I think 8O

  2. may have been post or pre Afgan,loads have been out,are there or are going,life in a blue suit as they say!
  3. Yeah I saw them too, and some RN personnel driving old fire engines onto the ferry! lol. Not quite 300 mile drive, but 220 miles was long enough, until I got home and decided to go for a swim, I have no idea why!! I should be fast asleep by now that's for sure!!
  4. Crazy.. i saw two old fire engines getting onto the ferry leaving Torpoint side too!! was on the ferry with them, small world.

  5. What, big bibs and spoons?
  6. :lol:
  7. Probably were the latest Splash Target coxn's qualifying course. Suprised they completed the CTCRM course so early. Only other explaination for that rig would have been for the Maltese Dog Shoot. Thought that had been stopped now? :wink:
  8. I think they stopped the dog shoots in 2004, I know they still do the Monkey Cull in Gib though. :lol:
  9. Very sad, changing tack I was the Larne Target Cox'n (forerunner of the STC) remember having to radio the Buccs to inform them I was pulling the target not f****ng pushing it. Too close for comfort. Still the pay and cudos was good. :wink: :wink:
  10. Desserts - For Sailors:

    Chinese Wedding Cake?
    Choccy Duff?
  11. Good for you shippers, it's a lot safer these days, I have a lot of respect for the older generation. I'd say other than being a booty, a pilot or a black PTI there is no other branch that can match STC / LTC for trapping kudos. I used to have to fight off the Wrens with a sh1tty stick!
  12. Greens for Sailors:

    Cabbage, Sprouts anything green really.

    Wouldn't fancy eating a uniform.
  13. The Maltese dog shoot relocated to Drake's Island. Went there myself three years back - coulddn't believe the number of wild dogs on the loose there. Nor could all the volunteers I had with me. :lol:
  14. I think I heard a story about some old Janner bloke who dumped a load of stray dogs there and they just kept breeding. Didn't realise it had got so out of hand that they had to re-locate the dog shoot to there. Do you know who is organising it this year? Wouldn't mind coming along for old times sake.
  15. Is there still a calibre restriction?

    Wouldn't mind bringing my Barrett M107 down, bit excessive I know but I rarely get a chance to use it.
  16. Being able to keep pace with the dogs does help tremendously, if you run you soon become tired and drop behind.
    The best way to keep up is to trot, and the chinese have perfected a method second to none.
    Any Newbies should if entertaining the idea of joining the hunt inquire about the chinese or "Chinky" (as its affectionately known )method of trotting called the Foo method.
    Ask the PTI to train you in the method of Chinky Foo Trot, its magic.
  17. I know a few guys who use this method, but to be honest I am pretty happy with the old spray and pray approach. I was the top scorer on my last shoot, to be fair I did have a Jimpy though.
  18. All calibre's are now welcome afaik - I'm sure I saw a magnum there last year. WreckerL used to have a contact at the body disposal unit - he might be worth tapping up for more info...
  19. Trouble is if they are genuine Malta dog, then when you hit one it flies everywhere.
    I usually take a toilet roll with me incase of splatter :wink:
  20. I came 12th out of 26 last time, in my defence I was using a Brown Bess I got off ebay, takes a fcukin age to reload.

    I expect much better results with my Barrett .50 cal.

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