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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Extras, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Nah....

    Tried an' binned ages ago.
  2. Still use mine for sailing. They are also good for wearing under your ovies in winter.
  3. Is a Norwegian shit with epaulets different from any other nationalities' shit, with or without epaulettes? Specially if you are whereing it!

  4. Wen do you where them?
  5. Do you really mean norske dritt? o_O

    You can obtain it, with patience and cunning, by camping near hytte during the holiday season. These chalets have the most basic of amenities, including in the older ones, a metal bucket for said produce. :roll:
  6. LOL. Funneest thred in ayges.
  7. They brought these in just as I left as remember lol
  8. They didn't last long thankfully, they were shockingly bad.
  9. Didn't the combat styler trousers stay in though?
  10. Its captain Kirk. Or is it Scotty? :w00t:
  11. Yes mate, I was talking about the noggie shirts :)
    The trousers are ok, the new overalls are terrible (but you do get somewhat used to them). :)
  12. Do the new overalls go really really soft and comfortable still after a fair few washes by the laundry men? I hated brand new overalls
  13. No, they stay all nasty and stiff, AND you have to cut out the strip of elastic some idiot put in the back of them. And they have zips. And the torch pocket is on the wrong side! And they have eppaulettes!
  14. That's just pure shocking!
  15. It is mate! I've heard a rumour though (A rumour? in the mob, surely not!) that the old style ones are making a comeback.
  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    but the new overalls are the old overalls! They went back due to popular demand. Could be the first time the mob has listened to its people!
  17. Hey sometime rumours in the naafi queue come true lol

    Good to see they still waste money on items of clothing that really don't need to be replaced in the first place lol
  18. Epaulettes on ovies? :laughing5:

    I bet they never get caught on anything in tight spaces :roll:
  19. The velcro ovies have been back for about 6 months. The zip ones where ok after about 2 years of use, when they would finally soften up! The real downside was the absence of a gap by the pockets for the all-important "package check"

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