Uniformed public services course

My son has just left school he is going to collage to do uniform public services course to help him get into Royal Navy . I was wondering if this course was benficial and it helped anyone get into the navy .
Attending a PSC is not a requirement for joining the Navy. While it may benefit him on a personal level and gain some experience, it is not an automatic right of passage into the navy.
Between now and November get him to swot up on the RN. What it does,where it goes and which ships submarines and aircraft it uses. But most importantly work on his physical fitness. The standards required are available on this site,get him to search them out.
cheers for the advice, fitness should be no problem as he is a very fit lad . Does rugby training 3 times a week. I think he will find rt test difficult.
he knows that but will it help passing rt test which is going to take in November
His previous 12 (ish) years of school should help with passing the RT. PSC covers a variety of subjects, it will depend on how he applies himself on the course. PSC is not a magic bullet that will guarnatee a succesful outcome at the RT. Thousands before him have joined the navy without having attended a PSC. Good luck to him.
I did the course for 3 years before I joined up. Academically was it beneficial? No. Did it prepare me for being away from home? Living out of rucksacks? Knowing what to expect when I started phase one training due to the amount of beastings I received as a student? Undoubtedly!

The whole course is designed to prepare one for a life of serving in the uniformed public services and it was probably one of the best things I ever did. I traveled all over these isles to different MoD units varying from HMS Raleigh (home of training for new recruits who aren't officers), CTCRM Lympstone (home of the Royal Marines), HMNB Clyde to RAF Spadeadam and Leeming, and even managed to do the UK's 3 peaks meaning I got used to being in the great outdoors.

I'll admit I did 3 years mind, the First Diploma and the National Certificate, but I failed my Math and English GCSE's so needed to redo them.

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