Discussion in 'History' started by Borman, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Funny question really, but why did 8's become 4's?
  2. This is due to the UK education system. School leavers can now only count as high as 5 so uniform numbers had to be condensed.:D
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  3. Downsized with the navy in general?
  4. W.T.F. h ave the cnuts done to the Junior rates rig???? It was a good recruiting snare, it hooked me, I ponsed about in it as the ultimate canteen cowboy and had a high pulling rate! Please don't tell me that those 70's type flares are creased vertically !!!!
  5. Not forgetting all the old trouts who used to "Touch your collar for luck":p
  6. Those were the days;- I think I'm going to cry!!!
  7. I thought it was because the quality was only half as good!
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  8. The caps of today are total 'bloody awful'! Like something out of a second rate pantomime....
  9. However todays uniform is far easier to put on, no more loose collars, no more loose silks, just a jacket. The old uniform may have looked tiddly but after a dozen wets there were loose bits everywhere.
    Getting dressed in a strange bedroom in the morning usually meant having to visit slops later that day to replenish a silk or lanyard at least:eek:
  10. Better in the old days despite the rig being a bit of a challenge in some circumstances...rather than looking like an extra from 'HMS Pinafore'. Well tuned stoker always had a couple of silks/lanyards and suitably faded collars and if stuck, their was always your runashore ops...;)
  11. I don't like the change to the cut of the jumper either. The vee used to go down to about the sternum and now it's up at the collar bone. The Aussies and Kiwis appear to have done the same thing and it baffles me as to why.
  12. No jumpers for Kiwis these days. Nice smart black jacket for those rare days we don't need our baseball caps and shades to keep the sun at bay.
  13. So that uniforms go 1,2,3,4. Not 1,2,3,8!
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  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In short, we no longer have that many uniforms so the numbers have been rationalised.
  15. Along with the compliment. :(
  16. I'm not certain I get your comment. Unless things have changed very recently, junior rates in the RNZN still wear square rig, for ceremonial occasions at any rate. Or did I miss the joke?
  17. 1s jacket is called a jumper for some odd reason.
  18. I think he means no wooly pully.
  19. On account of its local rarity, wool is too expensive in NZ.
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  20. Right, of course. Although we don't use that term for a sweater in Canada as a rule, I assumed that in the naval context everyone referred to the square rig top as a jumper. If not, what would one call it?

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