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Hi all,

i hope you can help me, i was asked by a mrine cadets dad tonight what part of the best boots do they bull as he is ex army he is unsure i said i think its the toe cap and heel, but i said i would ask and let him know

the other question he asked is do the marines wear sleeves down in the winter ?????

i thank you in advance



Lantern Swinger
The part of the boots normally done are the toe cap and heels(outside only).

Sleeves up or down usually depends on the Unit, most go to Jumpers in Winter. IIRC.

Marines are from the USA, Royal Marines are UK.. :wink:


War Hero
Not that im a bootie but its sleeves up all year round. The only unit that wears the jumpers now is 45.
Jumpers....jumpers....fcuking jumpers....Woolie pullies tsk.

I only ever did toecaps on drill boots, used jacobean oak varnish and not polish, but as a cadet or Nod he'll have to use polish.

Sleeves.. What rig? I cant see sleeves being rolled down in any rig unless another layer of clothing is being worn on top.
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