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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by sean1, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Coming from a army background I was curious as to what certain naval uniforms were
    Firstly the uniform seen worn by members of the royal family and senior officers at state ceremonial events it consists of blue jacket with high collar of white with gold braid, trousers blue with gold stripe? Is this uniform for all officers or only certain senior ranks?
    Secondly I have seen RN officers carry what looks like a silver baton with white rope tied in the centre what is this and its history and function

    I realise these are somewhat anorak questions but curiosity has the better of me
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The uniform you describe is dress uniform for officers of flag rank and the baton you describe is I belive, actually a telescope. The silver bits are the eyepiece and shade at each end and the white bit is usually ropework around the centre leather section so that you can grip it under your arm when at attention. Usually only carried by the CO and XO during colours nowadays.

    Does this fit?
  3. I had presumed what is described as the telescope to be a naval version of a army officers cane so I was way off. I had only seen it in photos and video footage. Thanks very much.
  4. The flag officers' ceremonial day dress is usually worn by flag officers only, but has also been worn by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York when they were only Commanders. It is a simplified version of the pre-war officers' No. 1 dress.

    As for batons, do Admirals of the Fleet carry batons like Field Marshals?
  5. I have seen pictures of of the german grand admiral Karl Donitz carrying a baton presented by Hitler but never seen anything to the RN
  6. I believe the German 'Baton' was a mark of their position. The baton actually given by Her Hitler!!

    The telescope under the arm is another of those naval traditions that goes back ages.

    Stands by to be corrected!!!1 :biggrin:
  7. In the 'old' navy my time anyway the 'telescope' was usually carried by
    the Commander on big ships and bases

    The OOW also carried one as a mark of his position on the gangway.

    I had one as a chief doing OOW -it wasn't a telescope just a mock up with the shiny blank ends and superb ropework around it.

    Happy days

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. Mmmmmmmmmm.............Donitz!
  9. Greenie wrote, In the 'old' navy my time anyway the 'telescope' was usually carried by the Commander on big ships and bases

    I would imagine in the old navy they were carried by the person navigating the ship, so he could have a close up butchers at unknown and suspicious objects. on second thoughts perhaps the fellow in the crows nest might have been allowed to use one, (would have made sense) but if officer only kit maybe not.
  10. I think XOs get a telescope as well.
  11. Docs get girt big needles to stick in bums. Much more fun than a telescope :w00t:
  12. The Chief Yeoman on Hermes had a large telescope as late as '82, it didn't leave the V/S store though. We also had 3 telescopes on the Yeoman's PLR on the Phoebe in '83 - '85, these were designed to fit onto the 10" signal projectors IIRC, we never used these either.

  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    HMS Bermuda 1953.. Captain carried one when on the upper deck, as did the Commander. The Officer of the Watch carried one and The Quartermaster had one on his desk in the QM's lobby. He used it too.
  14. Serious, non-rhetorical question.

    What is the advantage of a telescope over a pair of binoculars?

    If any.

    Just interested and awaiting a piss-take answer from ballistic!
  15. A telescope with a nice bit of rope work is easy to tuck under your arm and stride about the quarter deck or bridge. A pair of 7X50 binoculars are difficult to carry tucked under your arm and do not look the business.

  16. :thumleft: Oh, no doubt Nutty, I see that (no pun intended) .

    I meant technically/visually.
  17. The real question here should be is there such as thing as a uniform question? Some are nicely balanced, others lopsided, but one trait they do not exhibit is uniformity.

    PS: Do ossifers still wear white silk scarfs and walk arm in arm ashore, or did that go out of fashion in the 1930s? ;)
  18. Sailors used to wear white silk scarves in the fifties and sixties, are they still allowed to?
  19. Happy memories of the white silk scarf. Only worn by tiddley jacks with their burberry"s. neither items were issued by pusser, you were issued with oilskin and overcoat. I"m not sure if it you were officially allowed to wear it, but we did!! :afro:
  20. Dunno. I suppose it depends how many eyes you've got. A pair of bins wouldn't have been much use to Nelson.

    Bins are certainly more comfortabe to use and I wonder if there's some improved depth perception?

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