Uniform question


Ive seen various pictures and videos where some personnel have name tapes on their uniform and some don’t (sometimes a mixture of people with them and without them). Are there any rules/regulations on the wearing of them or is it down to personal preference?


The shirts you get at your initial issue will have the name tapes stitched on by the tailor at Raleigh… afterwards (when you’ve wrecked your first issue or expanded around the middle too much) you’d need to do it yourself or pay to have it done by a civvy tailor so it seems most don’t bother.

Plus if someone’s calling me my surname I’m in trouble… first name terms round these parts mate


Ahh that makes sense. Just used to seeing such things as an everyone has them or no one has them, but then I’ve been around the military in one form or another for a large part of my life lol.

Also didn’t think of the first names terms lol

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