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Uniform query

I'd have said that the Blue Suit with a collar the same would have been 'Night Clothing' - usually the "No.2" suit of serge with no cotton collar worn. The 'jumper' underneath would have been a sea jersey - winter clothing which was worn instead of the white front.
The branch badge would indeed have been that of a Radio Operator, but called 'Telegraphist' in those days, in fact up until the late 1950s.

Cap Tallies - 'HMS' and 'HM Submarines' - the explanation by 'PartTimer' seems fine to me, though I'm sure there were economic reasons as well. There was also a great deal of personnel movement between ships as well and with the best tallies being made of gold (OK, golden) wire, I'm sure it saved some money. The use by submariners of HM Submarines was originally more due to the great deal of movement of personnel between different boats, e.g. from 'Spare Crews' etc, at short notice, though this has reduced now (most of the 'Diesel' Squadrons could comprise up to 10 boats). It was also the submariner's mean of identifying himself as a member of the elite, when in working dress - the 'badge' came a bit later and was only worn in square rig anyway.
Gook asked
By reefer you mean the doublebreasted suit jacket?

Double breasted suit jacket? Pongos have been filled in for less. They'll tell you that our (Officers'/WOs'/SRs' ) best uniform is nasty (but not as nasty as the Crabs' No1s). It's just a civvy suit jacket with some fancy buttons and badges etc. I see what Percy means but they are still basstards!

'Reefer' is fine.
hammockhead said:
Senior rates have their own ice cream suit with four buttons instead of five.

Neggers Cheggers. We all get issued the bush jacket now. (I'll check the number of buttons next time I go up into my loft)
"Bush Jacket-Mans-RN Officers and Class I & III" says the label in mine from Slops, less than one year ago. Four buttons not including the smally ones (for everyone). Yet to be worn in anger.

My anorak label says.............
Aussies still wear full whites for all ranks in summer. The difference for the sailors is that the collar is a button-on one not with the tapes. The cap tally has the name of each ship or submarine i.e. HMAS Anzac or HMAS Collins. Oz Submariners never wore HM SUBMARINES since they acquired their own boats but may have worn them during the war. Notice that RN submariners now wear the name of the boat i.e. HMS Trafalgar
A classic piece of uniform not yet mentioned was the white short sleeved tropical shirt that fitted like a bell-tent, issued to Senior Rates, the one with only one button, that was secured in place by a split ring. A few visits to the dobie wallah, having forgotten to take the button out, always resulted in the hole in the back of the shirt between the shoulder blades. PS still have the buttons and split rings but the shirts...............long gone.

And ............... dobie wallah, starch and No6 suits - that could be a thread in its own right.
The bush jacket is the current tropical uniform for both officers and senior rates. Certain personnel may be issued the "Prestige suit" (made to measure I believe) if there is a ceremonial requirement for them to have one. On my last deployment the 4 AWW senior rates (Gunners in old money), Guard PO and Guard officer had them. Off the top of my head I don't even think the CO had one. The bush jacket just doesn't feel right with medals.
I was under the impression that the ice cream suit was back. If they are correctly made, the SR version has one button less than the officers' version.

The medallion-man bush jacket is a monstrosity.
One thing that puzzles me is the current use of the 'oval' cap - it looked daft on the Ozzies and looks daft on today's RN ratings too..... a cap needs a bow wave, fer gawd's sake!
Then there are those silly epaulettes, for those below Leading Rate, that say "Royal Navy"; if they'd kept most of the old uniform - ok, ok, with some modernisations - they wouldn't need to tell everybody which service they were in!
Yes, alright, that's TWO things that puzzle me
Funny old thing. Now the picture is there look at the shoulder boards! It would seem that HRH could not decide how many stars he should have on the correct ones. Some one should tell him about rumration!
The Ice Cream suit is issued to the CO and XO of DD/FF and above. It is made to measure. I had mine measured 3 months prior to deployment and it was waiting for me on the jetty when we returned - 9 months later....
dt018a9667 said:
I seem to remember that in the 70`s & 80`s did carry H.M.S. cap tallies for issue in time of war may be wrong though

Can you rephrase that? 'HMS' certainly weren't 'normally' issued in the 70s/80s - or did you mean slops carried them just in case?

Way back in this thread, Sidon55 mentioned that RN submariners now had the name of their boat on their cap tallies..... is this true?

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