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Discussion in 'RMR' started by bearcub, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. Morning all, I am a newly appointed Officer with the Royal Marines Cadets and have to buy my own Blues, Lovats, sword and Mess Dress. I have limited funds and not being a small chap I am struggling to get anything from ebay etc....If anyone has anything for sale please get in touch, my sizes are 50"/128cm chest, 42"/108cm waist, 19"/50cm neck, size 10 feet, 58cm head and am 6'/182cm tall, thanks.
  2. Bit of a Porker then:compress:
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It maybe worth enquiring at your nearest RMR unit. I'd be surprised if it was a mandatory uniform requirement - if it was, you'd get a grant. Most regular service hire/borrow swords as the ceremonial requirement arises, but I am advised many Cadet Officers do indeed buy them (presumably for wardroom sword-fencing drills).
  4. Ninja
    Some Cadet occifers like to believe that they are the real McCoy:compress:
  5. Slim, thanks for the kind words but I have the body of a God, Bhudda.
    Ninja you're right but the grant only covers the cost of one of the uniforms and yeah unfortunately they do expect you to have them because you get a grant.
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  6. When are you due to drop the sprog, madam?
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  7. Nibble nibble

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  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be fair it's always handy to have a Naval cutlass to hand when it comes to such things as:

    1. Ceremonially "Uncorking" a champagne bottle at a wedding, to gasps of amazement if you hit it right/guffaws if you don't.
    2. Erm, that's it really.
  9. I know an ex royal marine sniper who runs a marine cadet detachment. He got involved through his kids but most of the other instructors have never served and don't stand much chance of passing the RAF fitness test let alone the royal marines.

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  10. We lesser mortals use it to open our White Lightening, we don't give a toss wether we do it right or wrong as long as we don't spill any. The plastc container it is in helps of course:compress:
  11. Fire off an email to TS Lookout- we have way to many lovats in our stores and would probably be able to provide a set of blues too!

  12. I do have a set of Blues and Lovats that will fit your chest, if you know a good tailor who can stitch a big f**k off inverted triangle in to the trouser waist band your welcome to them! :tongue:

    The problem is of course (as I'm sure your aware) swopping tunics and trousers around is very hard to do, due to colour matching, Blues more so than Lovats obviously.
  13. Bearcub, where are you based, I run a detachment in Zulu Company and maybe able to help with kit, have you tried around the other dets as people always have kit stored in stores ( otherwise it would be called issues! ) I'm a former RM by the way who could still pass a BFT ! :)
  14. Woody,
    I'm in West Wales, part of Alpha Coy and I'm pretty sure that my Coy doesn't have anything my size. I'm in touch with tentoes but will let you know if I need some more help, cheers.

    Ps I'm not as slick as I used to be but can still yomp the arse off a pack mule.
  15. yomp to the galley with you bearcub

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