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My unit is struggling like most I imagine to clothe cadets and staff, I'm not too fussed regarding the staff because they can go and purchase some bits they've not been issued. But the cadets are my main concern because they pay their subs and uniform deposits and get let down by the SCC Stores system, and this prevents them from getting the full cadet experience I think. Have you guys got any ideas or ways you do things to get extra kit and those items that the SCC won't give out?



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I was the Jimmy of a Sea Cadet unit for a while and I found my local RNR very helpful.
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As you are Upminster try speaking to HMS President, they have a full time Ldg. SA (in old money). As the RNR are now converting to PCS you might well find a surplus of old No4's.


Cheers guys, I'm a serving killick stoker and I've tried the local stores in the pompey area and I got a few caps but the guys weren't too keen because they don't want the sack which is understandable. I will get in touch with President and see what they've got.
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