Uniform and Equipment Question!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Are these the shoes you'll wear on a passing-out parade in the Navy?


    If so, I might get a pair in and practice bulling them!

    How do you get them to have that mirror-shine?

    Hey, if I get em that good I could sneak em into basic for a head start <--- that part I'm kidding about.. it's probably an offense punishable by death! :p
  2. nope its certiantly not.

    You Have Your Own Personal Kit Boots And Shoes Then When You Pass out you recieve pre bulled boots to wear for your passing out.
  3. WHAT???

    Pre-Bulled? Where's the hard work and graft gone? Do they iron your passing-out uniform too?

    Bloody hell!

    What's happening to our country?

    Or is it the Navy basic is a lot easier than Army basic?

    Nevertheless, thanks for the reply mate!
  4. no.

    you still have your boots bulled and that but your boots are proper abused by then and not as shiny as they want you to have them

    oh creddly mate check your PMs as well
  5. Can't believe it , Hehehe , could'nt make it up , 8O
  6. Will do momentarily mate!
  7. Bollocks! Pre-bulled shoes? Not 3 years ago in BRNC anyway!

    Put on a DVD, get some Kiwi parade gloss, a cloth, some cotton wool and some water and get cracking!

    Mind you the state of some of the shoes I've seen recently...
  8. WTF.......
  9. Ditto dondon
  10. Can you give me the technique on how to do a perfect job mate?

    This isn't a piss-take question either - I genuinely want to do the best I can if I get in!


    Why the confusion?

    I merely want to get a pair of Navy shoes and practice bulling, so when I'm in there it'll be like pouring my morning weetabix - I.e. A piece of piss!
  11. You are asking me if I am confused??????
  12. I knew things were crumbling fast but pre-bulled shoes. Christ on a bleedin' bike. They won't know they're born.

    What next - instructors doing their kit musters for them?

  13. Yes SF..they have kit musters nowadays...NOT kit inspections!!
  14. What's this bollocks about pre-bulled shoes?

    That is BOLLOCKS and I am in a position to know

    Those shoes you link to creddly are similar, but not quite the same, as the shoes you get issued with. Don't worry about bulling them as shoes are very easy to polish up. I got a pair of new assault boots (harder to achieve a mirror shine on than shoes) up to parade standard in a few hours.

    An hour polishing a pair of new shoes (using the technique that will be shown to you at Raleigh) and they will be of a respectable standard.

    Kit is still inspected and checked for cleanliness/dampness/ownership/naming :roll: it hasn't changed THATmuch.
  15. I cant remember ever wearing shoes at Raleigh,it was Steelies or Rubber heeled boots as far as i can remember.if you look on ARRSE there are a mound of posts re bulling of footwear.
  16. Crab fat shoes they are.
  17. I cant remember wearing shoes with toecaps, Jesus Wept whats happened to the Navy i was in?
  18. We had those crepe soled one that split after 5 weeks!I bought a pair of Septics Patent Leather shoes,bloody great for Divs!
  19. Creddly

    The way to spit and polish is exactly as the words say. Get your shoes and polish them with a brushes and Kiwi four or five times buffing them up each time with a dry soft cloth cotton or similar.

    The take a cloth and spread a liberal amount of Kiwi over the toe cap then spit into it and start rubbing in small circles continue to spit as the mixture combines then start to get slightly sticky soon the polish will disappear, well no soon really and basic shine will star to show. Keep repeating the process as often as possible. The more you do it the better the shine.

    Last year my daughter married a Bootie, brought shame on the family but it was her choose. Not to be out done by my son in law and another five or six odd Booties Sgts. I ignored my Submarine training that tells you Kiwi is a very toxic substance never to be touch by human beings and reverted to G-Spot Training. They were just about the dogs bollocks and part of the video in the church reveals the two of us comparing toe caps.

  20. Most ways of bulling shoes are a variation on nutty's method - i just use tap water (don't have enough spit!) and cotton wool balls to bull the polish on. The RAF have patent leather shoes which look bloody awful and should be admonished at every opportunity.

    You can also do the WAFU thing and paint them...

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