Uni or Continue Application

Hi guys,

So I've got to the Flying Aptitude Test of the application for Direct Entry Naval Airman Aircrewman.
Results have arrived form college and I am now having second thoughts on joining as I have the grades to do my course.
A massive part of me wants to join, and another wants to go to uni.

Your opinions and advice are much appreciated.

It all depends what you want really, congratualtions on getting the grades :) i went to uni and loved it, my degree has been really helpfully for getting me a decent job as well; however if i had been aware of what the armed forces has to offer when i was fresh out of college i would have probably joined up and studied later on. What would you study at uni? You could always join the URNU or if you do an engineery type one apply to be a bursar at uni. Similarly apparently you potentially have the chance to study a degree whilst serving, so both have positives. Depends what you want out of life at the moment and in the future really. Could you also consider officer maybe with your grades? Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Have a word with the recruiting people there may be a load of possibilities available to you if you go to Uni and finish with a Degree that are not available now and what you want to go in as now will still be available? later if not. Although it is always possible to get a Degree later, it will be harder with the time restraints and responsibilities that come with age.


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Hi guys,

So .....
blah, blah, blah, blah......

Your opinions and advice are much appreciated.

Sorry, I switched-off after the word "so" at the beginning of a sentence :confused:


Back on track - Generally people undertake educational courses to gain a job. If you are going to Uni to earn a vocational qualification, pertinent to your future employment that increases your earnings potential, can afford circa £30-40K student debt, not earning circa £65K income whilst in Uni & not gaining 3 years practical work experience & not earning promotional seniority - Go to uni.

Otherwise, join now & consider undertaking an "in service" degree whilst earning a wage.

Aircrewmen are promoted to Leading Hand after completing training and earn more than a graduate Officer earns upon entry.

Apply for both, as few pass selection for aircrew, so if you fail selection, you can crack-on with uni. If you pass selection, you can jib uni if you get fed-up being skint.

Good luck.
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