Uni graduate scheme etc

I need help.. looking for info for a friend who is considering the university bursary scheme... he ia wonderin what he rates of pay are at the end of it... commitment period and how quickly promotion comes around for a medical doctor....

Any help is appreciated :)


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This is probably going to be an outstandingly stupid question I know, but do you need a degree to count as a graduate?

I'll explain: I've now spent 5 years at university, and there is a fairly good chance I will not get a degree, which I admit is entirely my fault as I spent more time enjoying being a student and messing around with the military than studying. I have completed enough to have a diploma in higher education, so is this enough to count me as a graduate? I haven't found anywhere that says.

Also, if you join as an officer but not a graduate what rank are you when you pass out from BRNC? Again, not found anything that says what rank you are exactly, just the pay scales. Are you a Midshipman or Sub-lieutenant but just on lower pay?

Answers to any and all of these would be appreciated please!
Buggerit I think after you leave BRNC as aircrew, you spend a year as sub-lieutenant before being promoted to lieutenant after completing your training, that is, spending a year in the service is covered in your training.

That is, if you're a non-graduate, i don't know about being a graduate because I don't want to go to uni at all.


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I know if you go in as a graduate you are paid as a subbie whilst you're at BRNC, when you pass out you go straight to subbie and then automatic promotion to Lt upon receipt of your wings, just wasn't sure what happened if non-graduate. I'm not too bothered really, just curious, as even though my pay at BRNC is about 1k less than I have now, there'll be much less going out every month so it's really a pay rise!
No problemo.

It's all very complicated, I don't know why they don't just say "Here's what we're looking for, if you have it, please have this wad of cash and this contract, if you don't, go the hell away.


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I think it's an intelligence test - if you can work it out then they'll let you have a commission! Think they must be getting desperate, was watching Warship and thought they must be letting anyone into BRNC these days! :p

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