Unfulfilled ambitions

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by PINCH, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Have you an unfulfilled ambition formulated in the service but have still not achieved.

    In 1965 I set out to: " Have a french kiss on the bum by a brown hatter underwater"

    In 1970 I set out to:"[email protected] a salvation army buggelist in a hammock slung between the lions outside the guild hall in Pompy"

    Failed on both acounts.......... :whew: :whew: :whew:
  2. always wanted to be a Gunnery Sergeant... fell about 4 ranks short
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have you spoken with the Defence Diving School Christian Fellowship Volunteer Band at Horsea Lake yet?
  4. Always wanted to win a VC, just to piss off the barracks guard by demanding they parade for me every time I entered and left barracks in GUZZ - and to have ny first DO salute ME, instead of being reminded that HE was my superior, and I should never forget it.............
  5. No regrets, never look back.

  6. Never got to pump that lassie I did Piers Cellars with.......gutted.
  7. A different Service, but when I was plod I always had ambitions to shag a uniform Lady Police Inspector, who was wearing her hat, in a marked Police Car, whilst we were both on duty on a Bank Holiday being paid double time.


  8. What happened? Did they stop Double Time?
  9. Suck a Wrens tits down the AER of a certain ship.
    Learn Spanish.

    Done the first, working on the second ;)
  10. S**g a female officer while she is in rig bent over her desk, still working on it
  11. Finding out why an RM Ossifer (A&MW Cadre, I think)of the early 80's insisted on having little tufts of hair on his cheek bones (under eyes), was it some rule bending thing, was he a mutant or as I thought, just a complete and utter twat?
  12. My troop Sgt in recruit training was Cadre or BPT as its now known. I think you will find that your ossifer was just a twat with a huge ego like my Sgt


    Dont have too many regrets and still strive to achieve as much as possible before i'm too old and knackered. Ambitions include doing the Matterhorn (tried twice failed twice due to bad weather) A mountain marathon in the arctic and generally enjoying life in the outdoors which doesn't include dogging. LOL
  13. Did that, he he :thumright:
  14. Let us know FFS!!!!
  15. Fcuk one of the army guys who were working on Dryad's main gate, in the guard room. Mind you, I was very drunk at that time and I didn't get to do it.
  16. It is a well known fact that life for a Ossifer started in the trough from which all Ossifer live was created.. Then later it was thought a wise thing to do and they where given a map. Luckily a superior species was created by the Almighty and was called BOOTIE and was given a compass to guide and keep Ossifer on the straight and narrow. Amen!
  17. And me - WRNS and QARNNS! Oh Lord, how I wish that mobile phone cameras had been around then! :thumright:

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