Unfortunate name

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Oh well.,.........................................


  2. That would raise a smile where i work , lol .
  3. Unfortunate, it's a wonderful name. We had a Sub Lt Balls at Lossiemouth who delighted with picking up the phone and saying "Balls!"
  4. Nice one. :cheers:
  5. Indian take away in Shoreham by Sea called;
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tame by comparison but there's an Estate Agent in Ludlow called Doolittle and Dalley.

    Spotted a new surname in the paper recently - Clampitt. Do for a traffic warden?
  7. I once knew a lad called Willam Andrew Carr which is a bit unfortunate when people began to abbreviate it. Serves him right though for being a bit of a tool.

    Some great names on this site - particularly the ones which relate to people seeking election. Elect Senator Robert Manlove anyone?


  8. A local take away, Phukets Thai. :dwarf:
  9. Anyone remember the antique dealers in Plymouth;
    Robin Bastard..
  10. South East London 2nd hand car dealer just off Blackheath called "Tuck-em-up-Autos"

    Also builders van often seen in SE London called "Bodgit and Legit"

  11. Hamm Zandwijk is apparently, a Swedish Scientist.

    Kindest regards,

    Tom Bowler
    Neil Down
    Allen Key
    Lou Roll
    Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob-Obediah-Zebedee-Caractacus-Jizzflinger the third.
  12. There used to be an antique shop in Greenwich called Robin B'stard - before Rick Mayall made the name famous.

    As a kid, remember the Edinburgh chimney sweeping company called Lumsdun - sorry you have to be jockinese for that one!

    My brother swears that he was at school with a girl called Annette Curtain.

    There used also to be the name Smellie in the Edinburgh phone book - oh what fun we had on the phone!!!

  13. We had a RM Officer onboard once called Captain Curry.
    He got promoted :D
  14. Used to be A Trophy Shop in Bognor Area called Wayne Kerr,had a football team as well !!

    Also a Ready Mixed Concrete Company in Hastings called "William the Concreter"
  15. There used to be a bookies in Doncaster called Bint and Raper.
  16. Hans Uberskurt........taxi!!!
  17. how about othellia balls
  18. Used to be two coppers in Avon & Somerset with the surname of DICK - I sh!t you not - Ivor & Dora DICK

    There's also the well know firm of Geordie solicitors, "Hadaway & Shite-man" :thumright:
  19. Theresa Green .
  20. Three local contractors in Sembawang yard:

    Wee Huur Construction Ltd.
    Ars Engineering.

    and, best of all:

    Wong Delivery Company.

    All true.


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