Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Backpacker1uk, May 16, 2006.

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  1. Just heard about the unexploded German bomb in the Mersey now being floated downstream. Was that the RNR boat that found it. Any details???
  2. Sadly there has not been an RNR MCMV on the mersey since 1993.
  3. The police have been looking for it ever since!
  4. I do remember the boat being out one year having failed it's MOT so we jumped on a HERKY BIRD and flew out the inflight service was crap. And that trailer hanging out the back ramp made the place a wee bit draughty. At least on board you got a brew!
  5. If anyone had left a MCMV parked up at Liverpool by the time the crew had come back it would have been up on bricks anyway.
  6. http://www.portsmouthtoday.co.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=455&ArticleID=1505570

  7. You forgot to include the fact that the scouser's had [for once] a genuine reason to bunk off work. :lol:

    Standing by for a thumping from our liverpudlian friends for that one - assuming you can find me.
  8. A little while ago the good ship Ribble was tired and shagged out because she had been worked hard every week-end, with none off, by no less than four crews of Scousers. (Could any other STC produce that many?) Then the assorted rable of City Toffs and Cockney Freeloaders from a republican establisment by the Tower left the good ship Humber on the Mersey. The Scousers siezed her with glee assuming she was as good as new and hardly used. Trouble was below decks she was crabby as a light blue suit. So the Scousers, in their disapointment gave up going to sea. With out the Scousers the rest of the 10th Sqn lost all interest too. So they all gave up. That is why the RNR no longer go to sea in their own ships. Honest La! Would a Scouser lie to you all?
  9. ref : da bomb
    it was conected to the rnr in a way. It was one of our officers who discovered it and halted the mersey ferry.... F/Fox
  10. Spent many a happy hour on the RNR boats in the eighties/nineties strapping accelerometers on their splitter gearboxes.

    Damn things kept going "tits up" at the most inconvenient moments and we were trying to find out why. The vibration was always horrendous on these gears there was no wonder they kept blowing up.
    Maybe thats why they stopped going to sea eventually. Without the splitter box they couldn't play at sweeper !
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Spent a very stressful morning on the Carron once as a result of her gear-box going Tango Uniform in impressive style. As the LRO(T) I was part of the SSFP and can remember the Minerva alarm going off after we'd felt (rather then heard) the box distributing itself round the engine room. At this point, training took over and the next thing I knew was being at the entrance to the engine room wearing BA with a fire hose in hand. Thankfully the MEM who'd been standing next to it when it went Bang had managed to extinguish the fire with AFFF and we were stood down. That afternoon we had our staff covered fire exercise which in all honesty was a complete clusterfcuk - something to do with not displaying the necessary urgency (we'd used up our daily ration in the forenoon!).
  12. Yup Flagwagger.

    They did tend to fail in a spectacular way. Have stood next to at least three when they finally wrapped their claw in. Comes of having to vibrate the damn things rather frequently when testing. Usually the PTO clutch would explode and pepper the whole ER in bits. Could be quite exciting especially if it also caught fire which it often did.

    Turned out to be a design flaw with the cheap and nasty splitter gearbox whose casings weren't thick enough and used to flex under load. Not a good idea on a gearbox !
  13. ChiefTiff does your surname begin with 'V' I was on the Diesel Specialist team & you were VA? The generators had dummy load banks I think as they had fitted Gennys based on the starting load (8 times running if I sadly remember) of electrical equipment & not the running load. We were involved in the discussions about the Cluch-Vulcan's I think/Gearbox. As it was a Diesel ship we had the Gearbox/Shafts lead on problems.
    The Cluch was good as was the Gearbox, just they should not have hung it off the back on tissue paper.
  14. Engines ..... please check your PM for my reply
  15. I understand that they were MCMV3 from Faslane and had been exercising out of langton all week.
  16. I seem to remember the HMS Ribble being fondly refered to as HMS Rubble, on account of the fact that the scousers kept crashing into things in her....
  17. Wow, just as well I checked, I finaly got a bite!
  18. I think you will find it will have been a couple of OM's (MW) rates that found it using their highly trained search and classification techniques and small thing called sonar not an officer...Im sure he picked up the phone to stop the ferry though!!
  19. RNR's involvemnet was as Duty Ops in the MCMTA-certainly an RNR officer on watch when the call came, but not actively procescuting contacts. Certainly would have been closley involved in post discovery actions.

    Who discovered it is being hotly disputed. REMUS operaters say they found it, Divers say they ID'd it (both of these statements from the 'horses mouth', but not at the same time.) Press reported it being found by a minehunter.
  20. I heard it was tripped over by some Scally trying it on for compensation claim as he'd run out of dodgey paving slabs!

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