"Unexplained Paroxysmal Episodes"


[Sorry if this seems a strange question, or doesn't quite fit, I'm new to this and was told to use it for advice on the Navy]

I was thinking of joining the Royal Navy, and I had a few "Unexplained Paroxysmal Episodes" about a year ago, nothing big I just blacked out for a few seconds in class a few times. I certainly don't have epilepsy or any epileptiform features.

So my question is, will this completley bugger this up? Apart from that I'm physically fine.

So yeah, has this ruined my chances?

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to Rum Ration!

We are very fortunate in having a Royal Navy Doctor on board; he gives the best advice on matters such as these.

With a bit of luck, he will be doing a Rum Ration ward round over the next few days, so be sure to look out for his reply.


This is a bit strange. I presume these were fully investigated before they were put down to "unexplained" - ie bloods, ECG, 24 hour ECG (heart) and blood pressure monitoring and EEG (brain)? From a purely medical point of view, young males (which I presume you are) should not be blacking out without cause.

From what you have said it sounds like partial seizures - used to be called absence seizures - which are on the epileptic spectrum although they do not involve jerking or shaking movements.

Syncope (faint) without cause will, unfortuantely, be a bar to entry for obvious reasons - if you're halfway up a ladder or at a console in the Ops Room and pass out then there's a problem.

Feel free to PM me if you know further medical details.

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