Unemployed who fail drugs test to lose benifit.


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Looks good that Blobbs

This great country of ours (that once ruled the waves would you believe....) is just getting around to proposal withdrawing job seekers allowance for those who are in receipt of it but are............wait for it.............not seeking a job.........

That's 13 years of Labour government for you :banghead:

interesting point about those Forestry workers though, stone-heads the lots of them i hear ^^


War Hero
In the last 18 months less than 1% of all log truck drivers have failed a drug test....... ( and believe me we've been tested, I've had 8 random drugs tests so far)
Come off it Blobs you'll be wanting them to stop drinking alcohol and keep out of Bookies next.There's a great many who's living is dependent on the unemployed squandering their benefit money so lay off it'll only make the dole queue longer.Besides the UK has got the Human Rights Act to contend with and I sure there is a lawyer somewhere ready to argue that withholding benefit for any reason as flippant as drugs or booze is at odds with it.
Would that be up against a wall with their families? We could send some civil servants too in a "Pour encourager les autres" style.
Unemployed smack-heads who fail drugs tests obviously don't get all the benefits they are entitled to, and that's not fair.Might I suggest flying all of 'em out to Helmand, dress them in Hi-Viz Union-Jack patterned overalls, drive 'em out to the pretty poppy fields, and have them "pick their own". What about unemployed recently released from prison on the sex offenders register shop lifting crystal meth addicted alcoholic absent fathers who dont pay maintenance for their eleven kids-by-seven-different-mothers then? You want to stop all their money as well. Shame on you!
Seriously folks; I have an out of work ex Captain brown job pal who's finally been diagnosed with PTSD. He fell in with people who "do drugs". All credit, he said sod off I'm not interested. If he had fallen in with the crowd, he would have been truly buggered by such a law. The question is; would he have deserved it?

I'm a bit reluctant to cast the 1st stone.
What a load of shit. I'm partial to a cheeky bit of blow of a weekend and even the occasional bifta. I served in this nation's armed forces for 11 years and in the past 5 I've paid the higher rate of tax.

If I find myself unemployed, am I any less deserving of benefit than a piss soaked alcoholic waster who drags themselves out of bed at 4pm everyday?


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I think the angle here is that if you are spending your 'job seekers allowance' on illegal narcotics then the 'free ride' will end and then you can spend your own gotten money on drugs and not the tax payers money

Taxation is not like a bank account - what you put in has no bearing on what you are entitled to take out - mores the pity

An employer finding out that his employee is taking illegal narcotics would effectively be 'duty bound' to discipline the employee because of the third party liability consequences if the employee 'fucked up' in any way whilst at work

oh and as for being a higher rate tax payer 2DD, well done you. You must be very proud of yourself =-D


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If you remove yourself from potential employment by buying drugs with your benifit money then I have no sympathy. The ex capt who may have "dabbled" in drugs with the wrong crowd would have had no hesitation running one of his lads in for taking drugs and being a higher tax payer doesn't do it for me. Woopee, you're to dumb to work around that bracket.

Benifits are a privilege not a right, they should be a saftey net for people to fall on and then bounce back from, not a way of life.

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