Undiagnosed Depression


Morning All, Im a newbie looking for assistance.
I served in the RN from 97-02 joining as a spotty 16 year old straight from school.
Whilst serving I had some issues and my best mate was killed in a car accident (nothing to do with Navy)
I went through a few stages of anxiety and depression due to this and was Drafted to shore a few times as I was struggling.
I have had issues since leaving and finally had a diagnoses in 2010 I have recently come In to possession of my medical / service records and it is abundantly clear I was never treated or helped apart from being shore drafted till I eventually left on my own accord.
So enough of my sob story My question is based on the circumstances and information available that the RN failed to treat and diagnose my illness and if they had should I have been medically discharged instead???

Any assistance or past experiences would be greatly received?

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