Underwater Telephone

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by jannerpig88, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. What was the code for release of torpedo you boys used to shout out on the underwater telephone? Was it oscar oscar oscar or kilo kilo kilo before or after the green grenade? It's bugging the shit out of me! It was the only timw we knew a submarine was there!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Depended on the target, for another boat we would use the UWT and IIRC it was Oscar, for a skimmer a green grenade was sufficient to let them know they were heading down... :D :D
  3. It was oscar and when I was on Traf we hit the skimmer with the green grenade as we were v close. Their skipper sent a signal saying "It's a very dangerous game your playing". Pussy
  4. If it's the enemy your firing at it's best not to call em up as they get very angry.
  5. thought it was oscar, sitting on that UWT trying to make out wtf deep's was trying to say , when the OW would report " green grenade sighted" , f**king glad that we never did a wartime towed array patrol against ivan up north, never liked swimming in cold water!!!!!!!!
  6. If it was a Septic UW target we just played "Rule Britania" :D
  7. My philosophy exactly - didn't mind if the boat sank as long as it did it in warm water.
  8. still perfered it when the boat did'nt sink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wasn't it Oscarrrrrr, Oscarrrrrr, Whiskyyyyyy for an imaginary weapon (only the reciever calls them torpedoes :lol: )? The extra letters indicating the echoing effect of the crappy 183/2008!

    And weren't there different coloured smokes, depending on what the boat was doing?
    For instance, we have seen you, we have sunk you etc.
  10. Im no tactician, but we are constantly bombarded with piccys of surface ships in subs crosshairs, but with a couple of t23s with towed array deployed ASW helicopters in the dip and a proper screen set up how close would a t boat actually get, and surely once that torpedo is in the water the sub is fucked.
  11. With out launching a weapon you would 5hit your self if you knew, even with a noise make going. We then retire to a "safe" distance to discharge the "weapon".

    SMs accasionally come back without fins :pottytrain5:
  12. IIRC, green grenade your dead, white smoke we're dead, red grenade safeguard we're in deep poo
  13. It was always a jolly wheeze when our skipper showed their skipper the photo of their screws......... :D

    That close enough? 8)
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The dreaded red grenade.

    A long while back off Portland, three Frigates/Destroyers getting really excited as they had found us (we showed our masts to help them), they came running in a very high speed and something strange happened to one of our stern glands causing the sudden ingress of a lot of water, "Blow everything, group up, full ahead together, surface and fire a red grenade" said the main man. I was Signalman at the time and the Skipper and I went up through the fin as soon as we broke surface, me dragging the hand aldis lamp with me. Bloody targets going all ways to miss us. Senior escort flashes "Consider your surfacing procedure dangerous." With that up shot a beautiful red grenade, we replied "It was that or a possible Submiss." All went quiet and we were alongside at Portland a lot earlier that usual.
  15. RP with a bit of masking tape on his top lip someone else on the volume control to simulate 1000's of nazi's cheering, hey presto you have a 1935 German rally
  16. one of the dutch subs ,poss potvis iirc fired a red grenade by accident during a major casex up north, then then ran deep and silent ,not answering the uwt , while all the skimmers were banging away on active , no f**king sign of her, the about three hours later she turns up firing green grenades none the f**king wiser to the chaos they had caused, got to laugh!!!!!
  17. Nothing more exhilarating then being on the attack scope with the skipper and he has the OW pipe "load a Green grenade in the After SSE", few seconds pass...following pipe'''Green grenade loaded in After SSE"...skipper smiles evily, plot the target...moving in....skipper orders..'Fire the After SSE" and spins the scope around to watch the grenade pop up......wait..wait....What the ****...it's a red grenade...shit hits said fan...skipper is seething, (my opposite number is a Weapons rate no less...:DDD)...orders the boat to dive wha?...few minutes pass...o for fucks sake, prepare to surface the boat...stalks off to his cabin...probably to begin writing his memoirs or apology notes....later he tears a big strip of flesh off of the rating who loaded the grenade......turns out the greens were mislabeled... :D :D
  18. On another note with the UWT, we were playing with 2 brand new (1977) LA class attack boats off of Norfolk, we were the ruskies of course in a Victor ( a step up?) Anyway we had this American ref on board to make notes and keep track of the score..at the end it was Onondaga 9 the US 1...Lol and the only reason we got pegged was because of SOSUS, drifted while snorting...anyway, after the skipper would do an attack on the Yanks, he would announce it over the UWT and wait for the acknowledgment, well after about the 5th time they refused to respond and the Yank ref was getting redfaced, so slaphappy the skipper pulls out this little black bag and inside is one of those laughing boxes, each time we scored a hit the call sign was announced on the UWT followed by this cackling laughing box...what a hoot :lol: :lol:
  19. every time we did towed array patrol they always said you would never get a sniff of a diesel/elec boat, and how f**king right they were!!!!! Why did the traf boats always have noise makers turned on to make things easy! for us taz apes , but still we never got a sniff until green grenade, up revs and then she would appear on the 2031, f**king bast*rds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. It was amazing how easy we were to find while kicking out 120dB on the old noise-maker! And how they bragged about tracking/finding us. All different when it was turned off! :lol:

    As an aside, I remember getting bollocked by a UC from the sound room for doing squat thrusts (too loudly!!) on 3 deck!

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