Underwater force protection.

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Hey all found this little section on the Navy website. Was wondering how do you get into it?

Diver Underwater Force Protection

Open to personnel who hold either a military, police or recognised civilian diving qualification. Entry will normally be at Rating level with the exception of those ex-Royal Navy Officers who hold military diving qualifications. Entrants will be subject to a full Service diving medical and an assessment weekend prior to being admitted to the specialisation. As an Underwater Force Protection Diver, you will be trained to air dive to 21 metres as part of a specialist diving team. Full diving training on Service diving equipment will be given and you will be required to keep your diving skills up to date at weekends. Teams may frequently deploy outside the UK. The role will primarily involve underwater searches and minor repair work.


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It's Royal Navy Reserves only.

The selection process would be the same as regular RN, however, my understanding is you would need to be an ex-RN clearance diver or at least BSAC sports diver/dive leader or PADI equivalent I seem to remember & then undertake a diving acquaint selection AFTER joining the RNR first.

I'm surprised it's on the RN website as I've only ever seen a draft of intent regarding the proposed branch & we are most definitely not recruiting in this trade yet, even if it does eventually form.

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if it's been put on the RN site in error as it doesn't even suggest it's RNR: Underwater Force Protection

Pun intended: don't hold your breath, it hasn't happened yet!
This Branch has already been formed. All enquiries should be directed to FOST (MPV) SMCDO (located at Faslane) who has been tasked to form the branch. When I last spoke to him he informed me that there was a requirement for 6 Officers which has been met but the branch is still underborne for Ratings. A selection weekend is being held in Pompey at the end of Nov.

Everything that Ninja has stated is correct. I find it amazing though that Ship's Divers in the General Service have been binned due to various reasons including H&S and the fact that SD's were not IED trained but were effectively tasked to deal with UW bombs; yet the decision has now been made to reintroduce SD's into the RNR.


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Thanks for the info OWTM,

Must confess I've not seen it announced by the usual channels that the branch already exists or that they're having a selection weekend for RNR divers in Portsmouth in November.

Possibly, the RNR is only recruiting from those already serving and have yet to open it up to RNR potential joiners as a direct entry trade. Maybe that is the reason for the recruiting field force being unaware of the developments so far.


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As suspected, the proposed introduction is from within the RNR, with 2 years service as GSSR beforehand:


The RNR Underwater Force Protection Sub Specialisation and will be a part of the GSSR organisation.

Initially the core experience of the sub specialisation will come from members of the RNR Clearance Diving Branch. The additional manpower will come from volunteers who transfer branch within the RNR, after selection, to the sub specialisation and from new recruits to the RNR. All members of the sub specialisation will require to be active civilian divers or ex Service qualified i.e. ex RN ships divers/career divers, ex RE divers, civilian divers both professional and recreational who hold a minimum qualification of PADI Open Water Diver/BSAC Ocean Diver.

New recruits will follow the initial GSSR training route for the first 2 years after entry before joining the UWFP sub spec.


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Does anyone have any details of the fitness test for joining this branch?

I'm interested in joining but would like to know how fit i have to get myself before trying out at the next selection weekend.



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Nothing seen at AFCO level due to the fact it's not a direct entry trade in the RNR. (You need 2 years seniority, I think).

RN Diver fitness for the Pre-Entry Diving Acquaint (PEDA) is akin(ish) to RM PRMC fitness levels (3 mile in 22mins 30 secs, 40-60 close-arm press-ups in 2 min, 60-80 'knees together' sit-ups in 2 mins, 6 back-handed pull-ups, minimum Level 10.5 in the 25 metre bleep test) but also includes a 1000metre open water swim.

Somehow, I doubt the fitness levels are as stringent as clearance diver, however as a guage, the PJFT for RN Divers, all ages, is 1.5 miles in 10 mins 45 secs, whereas RM, all ages is 10 mins flat.

Not sure if that helps you or not, but good luck.

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