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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn2, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone on here joined and if so could you please give me some info on whats involved and more spefically what the fitness levels are.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for that Sampson but it says that the address is invalid.
  3. janner

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  4. oops ... just have a look in the newbies section - it pretty near the top with a very similar title to this one.
  5. Cheers guys. I posted my original question on an existing topic in there but thought that because it is an RNR branch i might get more info in here.

    Thanks again.

  6. Happy New Year to you, Matey.
    I have spoken briefly to some blokes who went for the original fitness induction weekend. I can't remember what the exact fitness requirements are, but I know that you have to do the mile and a half in under 10.5 minutes, and you have to do a certain number of pull ups and dips. It sounds similar to the entry test for the booties, although I can't be sure.
    They also need you to be an ex-mob diver, or be BSAC or PADI qualified to advanced open water level.
    Hope this helps?
  7. And the reason we ditched ship's diver was....!?
  8. And didn't the RNR have a diving branch like this up until the mid ninties? With many units having a large number of trained divers... oh yes, it was binned to save a few quid...

    Time to re-invent the wheel...
  9. To Justify the retention of the under employed CD branch?
  10. The process normally takes a number of stages: They are apptitude 2 days, selection 2-3 days, Initiall Air Diving Course 2 weeks, UWFP Course 2 weeks. Im asuming that your in the RNR, give me a call 07974 666661 sometime and Ill halp as best as I can.......
  11. Now you really do reveal the extent of your ignorance or, for whatever reasons, your resentment of the CD Branch.
  12. Sorry, I did reply to your questions about the UWFP, and thought it was posted...If you have your Unit details Im sure I can put you intouch with someone who can help....The Branch is certainly in its infancy but my feelings are that there very keen to get it underway...Johno

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