Under stoppage

Met up with my oppo last night at 1730 in the pub after he had finished work.

Had a few beers etc then we were joined by our spouses for evening dinner at 2030.

Nice meal,excellent company,many beers followed.

Woke up this morning to Ultra Quiet State from Mrs R-G stating that I had disgraced myself last night by being loud and raucous etc and should be ashamed of myself.

As far as I am aware I didnt flash my willy at anyone,get stormy or put my tongue down some ladies throat or grab anyones breasts.

My oppo on the other hand would shag a frog if it stopped hopping and was in the process of trying it on with a young lady before his missus walked in.

A feel a sense of humour failure has occured whereby Mrs R-G doesnt know the difference between gentle banter and actual insulting behaviour.

I am now confined to barracks and not allowed out in polite company.

I have spent the morning doing menial tasks and have just finished off the bright work on the cooker.

We are now transmitting but only in short bursts every hour.

Sadly Mrs R-G met me sometime after I left the mob so isnt up to speed with a drinks after work sesh.

Next time,if Im allowed we wont invite the other halfs to join us.

Civvies just dont understand.Anyway must dash,got to brush the drive with a toothbrush now.

Am I oppressed?? ^_^; ^_^;
Life, the universe and everything.

Will we ever be understood by the fairer sex.

Can't live with them.......Bloody boring living without them.

Hope your No. 9's are soon completed and that you can get back on the wagon with your work oppo's


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