Under police investigation

Recently been arrested due to an accusation against me and was released on bail without charge for this offence due to no evidence found. They say the investigation might take a year at least will this hinder my chances of selection for the navy. I'm waiting for a start date. Do i need to declare my bail arrangements and as i haven't been charged will this count towards grounds for failure to be selected. Any help on this matter would be great.


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It's a condition of entry into the service that any police involvement is declared. It can result in SC being withdrawn and discharge for making a fraudulent application.

Play safe, as stated above, speak to your AFCO to safeguard your job. If it comes to nothing & all charges are dropped, then nothing lost. If it goes to court then it depends on the penalty incurred.

Be aware, you will not be released from training to appear in court under normal circumstances unless it is declared.


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It's going to depend on the complexity of the allegations, but Police would have to justify the time taken.

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