under or over 2

got another daft one for you ... which way do you hang the bog roll? under or over ? :toilet:

i do mine over so u can get to it easier :tp: :thumright:
I use Yellow Pages telephone directories.

I try to start with the Double Glazing companies,
and then move rapidly on to Estate Agents.
I tend to save Solicitors for the morning after a curry.

Hope this helps,

Try to avoid newspapers as the ink is still wet and will leave ink stains streaked in inappropriate places. I recommend old copies of Marx's Capital and Thatcher's Memoirs.
Personnally. I couldn't care less but Mrs LujonSA likes it hanging down in front so that she can tear a strip off one-handed. She is very good at tearing off strips as you might guess.
Ninja_Stoker said:
Just get your butler to stand, index finger skyward, loo-roll dropped over vertically. Conundrum solved.
One obviously gets a better class of people working in the recruiting office these days
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