Under Active Thyroid

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Styles, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody tell me if you have an under active thyroid & taking tablets for this, whether it will stop chances of getting in the Navy as a pilot, have heard different stories to this, also have heard if got the problem after joining up, would that mean a medical discharge.

    Have passed all the medicals to get in, but had to go to my docs & they said I might have this, so am a bit worried as I would not like to have my chances snatched away from me at this late stage
  2. I am hypothyroid, although I was diagnosed after I left the Service. I would say that if you were serving and were well controlled with replacement thyroxine, your continued service would not be a problem. However the Armed Forces might be reluctant to take you on as a new recruit, as you could be in a position where your tablets were not easily available. As ever, I stand to be corrected by those with better knowledge of human physiology and recruitment standards. But, if you have passed all the medicals, why not wait until further blood tests prove you to be hypothyroid or not. If not, you're a lucky chap; if you are hypothyroid, don't worry, take your tablet every day and get your bloods done every year. Whatever the outcome, good luck.
  3. Many moons ago I joined up with Graves disease and it wasn't a problem again happy to be corrected if the rules have since changed
  4. I'm afraid that conditions such as thryoid dysfunction are considered incompatible with Service life, never mind aircrew. I know this is tough news as you're probably well controlled on your medication, but ultimately it's for your own medical wellbeing.

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