undead pm in plymouth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. As a blood-sucking vampire this seems the right thread for T. Blair. According to the Guardian he's due to give a speech in Plymouth today - feel free to lob a tomato for me someone

  2. My friend is training to be a pilot at the moment and had the pleasure of hosting the PM today. He said the PM was very good at small talk, the odd hand shake and deflecting 'cut' questions from the young WAFUs.
    According to my friend, we shouldn't worry about future cuts because ...

    Extract from our convo

    "You and your worries for the Navy... The PM made a flying visit today, a bit of hand gesturing and small talk. He is having a couple of big pro Navy days so I wouldn't be too concerned! I hosted him on the quarterdeck which was nice"
  3. Glad to hear the positive feedback sara. Whilst in day to day RNR life we still get rediculous claims of "can't do that, no budget", hopefully the deeper cuts threatened may never materialise. It may have been a smoke screen to conceal smaller but still material cuts across the board.

    So we may not lose a number of ships or bases but new projects may well get curtailed and ships due to be paid off not replaced.
  4. I hosted him on the quarterdeck which was nice"[/quote]

    Obviously a new naval term of endearment :D
  5. Apparently our great leader :lol: :lol: :lol: was at CTCRM yesterday for a live speach on West Country TV. He was bleeting on about the execution of Saddam and how he fully backs Americas decision to send an extra 20,000 troops to Iraq.

    It was at this point a Solider who served two tours in Iraq and was discharged with PTSD, tore him apart. This guy is unemployable, has had to pay for some of his own medical treatment and is in rag order. He let rip at Phoney Tony who was on the defensive big time.

    Mr Blair, whilst on the back foot, promised to look onto this further for him. Bollocks!!

  6. If his lips were moving, then the B'stard was lieing! Its a bit like when he said I have great faith in him/her(Ministers), then sacked them two days later. Fcuking scumbag.

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