Uncharted 2 and Boarderlands

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by daffy1, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. I got the above games for the PS3, both are very good. Boardlands is like fallout but more user friendly and basic, its just a case of getting missions and completing missions. Not played it long enough to make any final judgement but i have been impressed so far.

    Uncharted is a PS3 only. I am nearing the end of the game now, and it is by far one of the best games out there. It runs like a movie, the loading times between the levels is few and far between and the graphics are some of the best i have seen, it actually shows what the PS3 is capable of doing. I have not tried multi player yet as the single player is very addictive, think of it as Lara Croft , game play is not much different but its a lot more refined.

    If you had to only get the one game go for Uncharted.
  2. I got it over the weekend and had a quick dabble at it and your quite correct, its very Lara Croft-ish in concept.

    Great graphics and the brunette in the game is quite cheeky. :)
  3. There is a couple of times where you can go for a swim, i keep on trying to get her in the pool. Is it normal to fancy a computer generated image ??
  4. Of course it is and Jessica Rabbit springs to mind. :lol:
  5. I don't think Borderlands is that comparable to Fallout to be honest. I would say a diablo loot system, mixed with a standard FPS. It's a bland games, but if you have some people to play with, it can be fun.

    Uncharted 2 is awesome. That is all.
  6. just how many games have you got daffy
  7. I dont actually have that many, usually 4 at the most, but back in my younger days i use to do a quite a few comps, such as Rainbow 6, Ghost recon, doom, Quake etc, and now i can usually finish a game approx 5-6 hours then i take to blockbuster then exchange it, for me now its mainly playing games on a Sunday afternoon. Then finish it off a week later.

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