Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. Dont be so hard on the poor Raghead WB. Dont you know we could treat one of their troops exactly the same, should we be working at a petrol station in their country. The difference is we would have our throat cut and our fcking head hacked off, where he will probably get a cnuting promotion!!!

    A world gone PC mad!!!
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well BP aint going to get anymore of my money.
  4. An utter disgrace........

    As for the comment in the paper "how thugs had vandalised the homes and cars of squaddies while they were away in war zones"

    WTF is going on?
  5. I just love the side bar at the bottom asking "Women: do you all want big breasts?"....sums up the Current Bun, no?
  6. well- shell will get my custom from now on!
  7. RANT MODE ON: :rage:

    It infuiriates me!! The way serving and ex Forces are treated is an absolute shambles!! There just isnt any respect, not only foreigners living/working here, but also from the general public.

    The media has a lot to answer for too, as the civpop perception of what we are doing in Ghanners and Iraq is fckd up!! My civvy mates (all young men) were litterally gobsmacked watching the contacts that were taking place on Commando - the front line. They couldnt believe it was that bad!! How would they know any different?

    The difference in attitude say now and 25 years ago is incredible though. Take for example the task force returning from the Falklands. Parades, banners, crowds waiting to greet the Troops home, all positive media coverage..........Our boys this and that!! Now its page 3 or 4 news if someone is even KIA. People just dont care anymore - its almost expected of us to leave home, fight and in some cases die without a second thought.

  8. Now, not a refusal, but a request to change out of uniform. The attendant may have been under the (mistaken) impression that serving alcohol to those in uniform was illegal. I recall it is against the law to serve uniformed police.

    Muddies the water a little when put that way.

  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sorry James, not buying that nonsense that BP has spouted about a mix up over licensing laws and people in uniform. That is just a "get out of jail" card being peddeled by some PR guru.

    It's discrimination by some fucking foriegn raghead who should thank soldiers for letting him live unoppressed instead of using his freedom of speach to condemn those that gave it to him.

    BP should sack the twat and thank the british forces who are fighting so they can get access to OIL.
  10. couldnt have said it better myself babe xxxxxxx[​IMG]
  11. Well you do know that 'BP' stands for 'Bleed the Punter'


  12. Point 1: Ethnic minority :bball: shopkeepers seem quite willing to serve alcohol to as many under-fukcing-age, chav troublemakers as they can..............now all of sudden they develop a need to stick to made up the rules?
    To quote the BP Spokeswoman: “None of our staff has the right to discriminate on who they serve, regardless of what they are wearing.

    Point 2: Quote the Sun - "But witnesses who saw the incident are adamant it had nothing to do with licensing laws, and was based instead on the worker’s political views and prejudice against soldiers".

    Conclusion: He's still a cnut!!
  13. My bold. Very well put mate!!
  14. I'm not convinced it's as cut and dried as all that. The attendant asked the soldier to change out of uniform. Now that to me is not an outright refusal to serve.

    I also note that none of the numerous witnesses were quoted (or named) by the Sun, I wonder why not.

    Although, if it is as black and white as the report, then nuke the place.

  15. My bold: NOW YOUR TALKING MATE!!! :violent3: :thumright:
  16. First question: is it true? Just because it's in the Bun, doesn't make it fact.

    Second question: what was said? No witnesses are named and quoted

    Third question: what was the attendent's reason to make his request? From what little that has been reported (and assuming the Bun has its facts right), then it seems that the lad was confused about selling to a uniformed person.

    First point: Don't jump to conclusions based on the Bun
    Second point: Maybe the lad was confused.
    Third point: We're all human and make mistakes
    Fourth point: The actions of one attendant in one BP station is hardly an endorsement from the company, which has issued an apology and stated the results of their investigation.

    Last point: Yes the treatment of servicemen has deteriorated radically over the last few years. But that doesn't mean that every incident has Iraq/Afghanistan or disrespect for Service uniforms at their core.
  17. Would you mind changing your avatar for something a little less distracting? Thank you.
  18. oops sorry!![​IMG]
  19. No, she can't. Her avatar is the best thing I get to see all day :thumright:
  20. Seconded. You should see the munters I have to look at all day in my office!! Brazen your pics are a wee ray of sunshine babe. xx

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