Unauthorised overdraft fees

At what amount should fees be charges?

  • Over £100.00

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  • When the account is in the red

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  • Never

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War Hero
I think that the title says it all. The overdrafts were unauthorised. I have been with my bank since 1978 and have no problems. My current account is free so long as it is in credit. If I should go into the red by even one penny then bank charges are incurred for the whole of that quarter. I understand this so consequently never go into the red. I do feel though that the banks are being unreasonable charging high fees for customers going into the red by small amounts. However how is a small amount defined?
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I read somewhere that if and when a monthly charge is introduced even if you are in credit you can indulge in one of the banks goodies ( credit cards etc) and remain charge free as long as you stay in credit.