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You do a good job with the Afghan thread so I am loath to crit - but,

Western interests will be attacked world wide.

Wheres the fcuking evidence? If they were going to do it why haven't they started? Its not as if WE haven't given THEM reason to do so. Six years killing in Afghan and over four years in Iraq - and its still all quiet on the western front.

There is plenty of evidence on extremist web sites that they intend to take the fight to the west and clearing the infidels out of Pakistan and Afghanistan is only the first part of the strategy. quote.

That's total [email protected] mate. All these little groups of discontents don't have the organisation to all wait together then all start after we have left their lands. Once again why would they need to wait for us to leave before beginning to attack us back here? There is no reason.

And as for the [email protected] that these diffuce powerless little groups are working in fiendish concert with each other to execute their dastardly plans - consider this.

Its difficult enough for a fcuking platoon commander to get a single platoon to start firing or to cease firing at the right time if they are stretched out more than a few yards. Try it in the dark with plenty of noise about.

But you and loads of people believe that all these groups of Islamists from Southall to Somalia, from Paris to Pakistan are all poised waiting for the right moment when what? An Ayatollah blows a dog whistle that no westerner can hear and all the Islamists will rise up against the western oppressor?

Sometimes I think our societies are on a god awful crack come down.
We are all suffering from an egotistical aggressive self pity.

It might come as a surprise that most people in the world don't give a thought for us one way or the other. Frankly they don't give a s'hit but they would be rather obliged if we got of their backs.

If you could survey opinions in Iraq and Afghan as to what they thought about foreign troops on their soil most people would say they are a fcuking nuisance and could they please fcuk off.

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