UN cover version of Brittany Spears hit song released

I wonder did the BBC miss this as they are so busy attacking the arch-racist Thatcher ?

Normally RTE have their heads as far up their bums as the beep,musta really hurt to have to broadcast this.

Un says oooooooooops


Mmm- strange that this wasn't reported by the BBC or any of the rest of the increasingly liberal media in the UK. It wouldn't sit too well for them not to batter Israel, would it?

Headline- Hamas sent really the Prius-driving, carbon neutral, puppy-hugging lot the West seems to think they are!
As someone who has had far too much involvement with a variety of UN Agencies in my lifetime for it to be considered anywhere near healthy, it comes as absolutely no surprise that UNOCHA dropped a bollock on this occasion.

I am not sure most UN senior staff could find their own backsides in the dark let alone work out whether one of their compounds had been shelled!

Overpaid, pampered and grossly inefficient - what good works they do is greatly overshadowed by the sheer waste and hypocrisy that can be attributed to their outdated, politically correct to the point of banalism and selfishly motivated way of conducting their business whether it be Humanitarian, Development, Capacity Building or Peace Support.

A pox on their houses - all of them!

Now that you have had the fair and balanced perspective, has anybody got anything to add?

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