"Ummm...my car is in a field..."

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by nikki92, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. That was the phone call my father received today, from yours truly, at about 6pm. And I was literally two minutes from home. Some utter [email protected] came tearing up this country lane where I live, wasn't gonna stop, room for only one car so I tried my vest to get outta the way. And I did - no head-one, not even a touch - but in doing so hit the ditch on my side, then right across to the other side, over the bank, in a field. Car is not in good shape - I got out and walked away, bruises and soreness - shaken up a bit, though, and quite literally too. So I got lucky.
    But the worst part? The other guy didn't even stop - maybe he didn't see, but an accident like that, I was very lucky I wasn't seriously hurt, and he didn't even slow down. Oh, and now I can't even get to work because there are no buses for my late night shifts.
    My knees and shoulders hurt like hell, and my beloved car is not looking too good. Fully comp insurance will sort it out, but the main question I came to ask you guys is...can I get a courtesy car? I'm on my parents insurance, I borrow the car occasionally as I'm a named driver, and Underwoods will give us a courtesy car - but I've only passed my test a month ago, and I'm 17 - so something tells me I'm f!cked, no courtesy car for me.

    OK, rant over...for now!
  2. I wrote a car off, but because I was a young driver on my parents insurance they wouldn't let me use the courtesy car unless they carried out a bit of an investigation to see who was truly at fault....which I was
  3. Ah, are you a typical Swansea boy racer then? :lol:
  4. No of course not, that parked car came out of nowhere
  5. Insist that the repairs are carried out at a really top dealership, like HR Owen, the dealership will give you a courtesy car. My car was off the road recenty due to a mega blow out which damaged the side of the arch. I took the car to HR Owen (that's where I bought it from) they didn't have any courtesy cars at the time so they gave me a brand new, top of the range, Alfa 159 Sportwagon with just 38 miles on the clock, the price tag was still in the window when they gave it to me! I put over 900 miles on the clock and they weren't bothered in the slightest.

    It was surprisingly fast in reverse and was great for doing handbrake turns in.
  6. Guys from Underwoods arrived today and carted off my beloved car. And, no courtesy car - you have to be 21 to drive it. Which, to be honest, is a little unfair; friend of mine is 23, just learning to drive, but he could have a courtesy car on one day's driving experience? Granted I haven't been driving long, but it shouldn't be based on age, it should be based on how long you've been driving for.

    But, to be fair, I am very inexperienced. Point is, I'm now back on the parent's taxi to get to and from work, which means no staying till half 2 in the morning after my shift finishes at 1 to have a drink. Such is life.

    Still, bruised I may be, but I'm in one piece - more than I thought I'd be when I realised that I couldn't stop in time!
  7. Well to be fair at 17 you will almost certainly be very inexperienced. Insurance companies work on statistics and guess what.................Drivers under 25 have the most accidents. Unfortunately many young drivers believe that once they pass the test that they are then the worlds best driver and then try to prove it, guess what I was 17 once and guess again I thought I ws a brilliant driver. Fortunately I didn't have an accident, probably due to the more experienced drivers that I encountered :oops:
    And whats with the having a drink? I do hope that the drink is of the non alcoholic type :p
  8. Yeah, I've had nothing to drink at all the last couple of weeks - terrifying! I just have coke, while everyone else gets a pint or wine or something - which sucks, because I don't have to pay for it. Free wine would be good.

    It's not the fact that they won't give me a courtesy car that bothers me - I have very little experience, so I completely understand - it's the fact that someone who only learnt at 25 would have no problems if they crashed the day after their test, they could get a car, but they'd be just as inexperienced. OK, mroe life experience - but less road experience, and surely that's what counts?
    Not that there's anything that can be done. Just have to hope they can fix my beloved car and get it back to me asap, I hate having to be driven around.
  9. Don't worry about it.I am sure that if your parents are like me,they will be used to being a taxi driver and ATM :D
  10. They aren't, really - I always did my own transport, but taxi fare is £22 back to where I live, so that's out, and the buses finish at 6pm. I fuqqing hate this place.

    I just want to know if the car is a write-off or not - once I know, then I can accept how long it will take to repair it or claim the money back, but I want to know NOW if I can have my car back or not!
  11. Unfortunately as a young driver making a claim on insurance you may find the insurance premiums unaffordable next year. :cry:
  12. Yeah, I'm financially screwed, as far as I can tell. And now extremely thankful that I left college to work, even if the barrage of looooong shifts I'd work did contribute to the accident.

    I don't even know if it's repairable yet - how long do y'all think it'll take the NFU [my insurers] to tell me if it's a write-off? Underwoods picked it up yesterday at 9:30am, and I want to know NOW! Far too impatient, me...
  13. There is a free insurance policy everyone is entitled to called 'Near Collision Policy'
    Entitlements include;
    Free roller-coaster
    Free cut-out (if req)
    Free Hosp treatment (if req)
    Option to buy new policy (at increased cost)
    Option to buy write-off/re-insure
    Plus loads of others.

    But the biggest benefit is the 'Near Miss' clause where you actually come off better than if you had hit the scroat!
    Yes you are financially pricked but hey, the benefits of getting old is things come cheaper... :)

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