Ukrainian ship full of tanks & ammo captured by pirates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dublinclontarf, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Err why does Kenya need 33 Battle Tanks....are they at war with someone?

    Those pirates need to be eradicated, yet why do cruise ships and personal yachts continue to ply those waters, surely the ocean is big enough for people to go around... :hockey:
  2. Yes, it is rather strange, isn't it?
  3. I thought this was the main roll of a modern navy - pirate protection yet it says, no nation is particularly bothered.
    This goes with the other thread on here about pufta RN and human rights.

  4. Hahahaha!
    Ukraine probably hasn't paid Russia for them, so Putin wants them back!
  5. AfterSSE

    I guess by you name you were stoker so pop along to the control room and have a peek at a chart. (thats the big paper thing on the cart table, gives you a clue, on the starboard side) Tongue in cheek. You will see to get to or from West Coast of Africa, India Sub Continent or Far East you need to pass through these waters or go right around all of Africa, see more Pirates West Africa and a Fecking Long way or go via Panama Canal, see more pirates but not as many and an even Fecking Longer way. Or go via Cape horn OK West to East but hard East to West and a Fecking, Fecking Long way.

    Some do have to travel this route.

    See this link

    Where are the Pirates


    PS you will note not a lot of incidents in the Great Lakes.
  6. Then they should take the fecking plane... :thumright:


    Still if you are so inclined you really do not have to follow the coastline down or up to get where you are going...400 or 500 miles out and the activity of the pirates are fewer...if none at all....

    And I do know which is Green and which is Red sport...oh and the chart table's I supplied the fecking paper....

  7. aftersse

    If you supplied the paper then that makes you a jack dusty, not a creature that habitated submarines in my days. As Nav Yeo I had to sort out my own stores.

  8. Of course, it could be another way to beat the Arms Embargo in that neck of the woods!
    Or is that being a bit too cynical?
  9. Caught...we carried em during the 70's and early 80's, and the Nav Yeo had to be on his best behaviour if he wanted anything from slops... :thumright:
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I can't speak for personal yachts nor communal ones but bigger ships can use 100 cz of fuel a day. A day or two going around the problem costs lots of money, wastes resources, brings forward major maintenance, may involve a weather factor........ Operators do risk assessment and crack on in a more direct route.

    There is a dit going around that a container ship belonging to a major operator recently made boarding very dangerous for pirates merely by chucking the ship about at 25 knots. Pirates are crap swimmers, all that bling in their ears.
  11. Silly question maybe, but given the size of that freigter, and given the size of the boats that manage to board it (small, and i mean like rowing boats), did they simply flash a gun and the ship chucked them a rope?

    Wouldnt one or two guys with rifles on the defending ship be an answer?
  12. I see this evening that Somallia has asked the Russian navy for assistance.

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