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Banter lanky ? , whatever next.
Banter refers to a form of jesting or to the act of exchanging joking repartee. Although the word once meant “ridicule,” and though it has a regional sense "a challenge or dare" (as in, "he performed a banter [or banner], jumping from the roof onto the snowbank"), in modern use it usually refers to a light-hearted form of wit. You would not be wrong to say that someone engages in “cruel banter,” if that is what is intended, but the word is far more often encountered in combination with modifiers such as witty, friendly, or lighthearted.


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Norman has an agenda , he will do his upmost to disrupt this forum , IF as some have stated that they are staying away cos of him you only need to look at the response of our mods to know he is failing , kick him in the nuts at every opportunity , do not argue any of his comebacks as that is what he thrives on , yes at times he can come up with some banter but for the most part he wants to get under your skin. If you have him on ignore it disrupts the forum which is exactly what he wants , I had him on ignore but it is pointless.
We have enough regulars to keep the place ticking over ,and occasional acid retorts from regulars which are a laff which makes my day . We give advice to young wannabees where we can but for the most part it is somewhere to come and have a bit of banter , do not respond to this twunt but if you must just tell him to fcuk off......and fcuk off again , he may hang around but at least let him know we have his arse to kick when ever it suits , yes I am preaching and you are aware of what is good for this place so stuff the twunt at every given know it makes sense.

Ahh , I enjoyed that , Norman , get it , got it .......good.

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