Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by FAAFLYNAVY, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Another serving conservative party politician has defected to UKIP & has done the honorable thing by resigning his seat to create/fight a BI-election.

    Is the writing finally on the wall for the toady party & "call me Dave"? especially as it now looks like news international are about to dump the toadies & support UKIP.
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  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The UKIPpers' tails were certainly up at their conference.

    Clacton bye-election will test the water.

    Meanwhile there have been hints of a couple of other defections in the offing. This one might encourage them.
  3. Personally I'd like to see some realistic hard hitters like IDS defect to give UKIP some real political credibility, but there's no doubt change is on the way, & they're on the up.

    We finally paid off the UK WW2 lease lend defence dept in 12/2006 & as a nation were at last in the black, now we're in greater dept then we've ever been, someone will need to sort out this financial fiasco.
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  4. Where's the 'popcorn' emoticon when one needs it?
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  5. Excellent news. This will definitely piss on Dave's and Angela's chips.
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  6. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    Where do you get this pearl of wisdom from ?
  7. According to the Times, this is only the 2nd Tory to defect to the eye-swivellers.

    Must be summer, I saw a swallow yesterday.
  8. This seems rather reckless, mark my words. The great risk now is that it could split the Conservative votes and let the students with a credit card back in. I don't think the UKIPers will attract sufficient Socialists to redress the balance.
  9. UKIP offered the Conservatives a choice of power sharing if the result is a hung parliament.
    Call me Dave refused.
    A coalition with UKIP would prove far better than it has with the Lib Dem wets
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  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    From the top down, UKIP lack a certain something. Beginning with their £ logo which belongs in a retail triumvirate with Lidl and Poundland., not a political party trying to be taken seriously.

    No intellectuals, no robust interviewees, no charismatic worldly wise, wise owls. Too many shouty geezers, not enough chicks. A few loose cannons and too much access for those who would shut the party down (Edinburgh last year) by violence. Or that was the impression the snarling faces gave.
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  11. I'm glad my time in this country is growing shorter and hopefully will be gone by the time ZANU Labour return to power.
    Hopefully if there absolutely has to be an ISIS attack on our shores it involves Nigel Farage being raped.
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  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Danny, you're in Current Affairs. Post accordingly.
  13. Slim; that is true, Call-Me-Dave declined it. That may or may not have been folly but, either way, the not Socialists are buggered if the vote gets split.
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  14. Now that's how moderation should be done ;)

    But back on topic, Reckless (aptly named or what), will, in all likelihood, lose his constituency, and apart from a PR coup for UKIP, they will stay on the sidelines as a right wing protest vote.
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  15. Sorry sea dog I thought we were trying to arrse it up lol
  16. They seem to have a number of policies that would appeal to the traditional left-wing as well. Looks like they're still working out their broad economic policies, but some of what they've spouted has a definite traditional left-wing appeal.
  17. A debate about political things on Rum Ration??
    My god I don't believe it!!! PT will be along soon to "robustly moderate" I'm sure.
  18. I love the thread title.
    So descriptive :p
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  19. Well just supposing average Joe/Josephine Public decides that they aren't defects? From my memories of tribal politics in my childhood Stockport, breaking the Labour loyalty chain isn't easy. I suspect that the Kippers will attract more pissed off Conservatives than they will the undecided Labourites. At least if the reckless one loses his Seat to Labour, there aren't many days of Parliament left to do much damage.

    The salient point is that the Conservative vote could be diluted to allow a Labour/LibDem victory.
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  20. Exactly which just goes to show Nigel Farage is just out for his grubby self rather than actually trying to get the UK out of Europe.
    A Tory vote is a chance at a referendum.
    A UKIP vote is a vote to stay in Europe and 4 more years of ZANU labour.
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