UKIP Calypso Song

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by babygravy, Oct 22, 2014.

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  1. Apparently its offensive/racist?

  2. I haven't watched the video but yes Nigel Farage is offensive.
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  3. It's neither offensive or racist.
    The problem lies with the way that the UK has embraced this P.C. thing.
    In the 60s on the Tonight program it almost always finished up with a calypso, sung by Cy Grant (I think that was his name) the calypso was written daily about topical events, funny and entertaining.
    Calypso is Jamaican and should always be sung in a Jamaican accent (whether the singer is Black or White).
    Did anyone complain when that wonderful comedian Charlie Williams told ALL his jokes with a broad Yorkshire accent?
    FFS why is it only when someone who is not Black or Asian speak with African or Asian accents do the PC brigade play the racist card?
    It is not racist to do this and most of the complaints are invariably from the bloody Honkeys!
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  4. I can't see the video - there's simply a message saying "this video is private". Having said that, I read about the "story" yesterday and I reckon Slim's got it about right.
  5. I only had to see the title of this thread to know that within three posts the phrase "PC Brigade" would be trotted out. It took two.

    I'd like it better if the black and white minstrels were singing it.
  6. I'd like it better if Clegg and Millipede were doing a double act

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  7. Anyone who can't see the video it can be found here.
  8. That aint the video, if it is he has the worst Caribbean accent since George Formby:cool:
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  9. Oh I must have been mistaken :rolleyes:
  10. Monty, the minstrels did not do da Caribbean or Jamaican accent, in fact the minstrels sang in pure English voices.
  11. It would still be better.
  12. Have to disagree with you there Monty a Calypso must be sung with the Caribbean accent, same as Bob Marley songs needing to have a Jamaican accent and Bread of heaven a sheep shaggers lilt:p
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  13. I listened to Jackie Smith, ex Home Secretary, last night. She was all for charging Mike Read with racial something or other. She just could not be persuaded that the song was a bit of a joke. What a sad place my country has become.
  14. That's Lenny Henrys stand up comedy act fucked then.
  15. He had an act?
  16. Not as such. However I wouldn't mind getting paid for doing diddly-squat.
    How much does a person get for dossing nowadays?

  17. Yes, but he's put it to bed now...Shit Billy, you beat me to it!
  18. Having done some research I find that Trevor McDonald (one of my favourite newscasters) was born in Trinidad.
    He has one of the nicest voices when speaking of all the news readers.
    However is he a closet Racist?:(
    Has he been taking the piss out of the White British Upper classes for the last few decades by using an upper class accent?:D
    I mean what if he was invited to sing the UKIP calypso song, how would he sing it?
    Would it be in an English or a Caribbean accent?
    Either way it could be construed as Racist in this totally P.C. society.
    Oh sorry I forgot, it is only we Honkeys that can be racists:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  19. I'm offended at how shit it is.

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