UKAF Veterans Badge.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Grim_Reaper, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. I have just noticed a number of UKAF Veterans badges for sale on e-bay.
    I actually think it is a shame that people are selling them and something that they may regret when they are older.
    Something else for the Walts to buy though eh!
  2. I sold mine immediately.
    Campaign medals determine ones service . Another Trade Union type badge says nothing
  3. Whatever.... :roll:

  4. Wouldn't part with mine :salute:
  5. Nor would I. I can't remember the last time I wore my medals, they're in a cupboard at home, but will often wear my Veterans badge.
  6. If you were so considered-- £4.50
    ex postage would realise yours.
    a bargain when HMG is currently paying £16.50 each for Veterams and 23.45 for Land Army Girls baubles.
  7. Well concidering my grandfather only recently got his gongs and vets badge after over 60 years i say its well worth applying for it.
  8. My Mum and Dad both love theirs - wouldn't part with them for anything.

    Maybe one day I'll be left one of them ... fingers crossed :D
  9. Sad --But if that represents their life's achievements so be it.
  10. People that sell their medals... how do you feel about that? (not the ones that sell out of financial difficulty)
    Some people I know value their TU badges more than their medals!
    RNA guys at my branch feel very honoured at being recognised this way. As said earlier, it can be worn without the bling to make a statement about your achievements.
    It's a small form of recognition that has no monetary value against the sentimental value placed by the holder.
  11. ¿Quién es esta gillipollas?
  12. I wear mine with pride
  13. [/quote] Sad --But if that represents their life's achievements so be it.[/quote]

    It's got bugger all to do with life's achievements dipstick. It's just a recognition of service given that can be worn on suitable occasions with civilian clothes. I am inordinately proud to wear mine, and have struck up conversations with some very interesting people who are also ex-service and proud of it, as a result of wearing it.
    I shall be wearing it on 28th of this month when I watch my Grandson receive his Herrick medal, then repair to his mess for a lunchtime jolly!

  14. I have mine tucked away safely. I don't wear it on a day to day basis but would be proud to wear it on the right occasion.
  15. When did this UK Vets badge turn up on the scene I have never heard of it?
    Did you buy them or were you sent them?
    Where can you get them from?
  16. PING!!!! Is that you Norman?
    I'm sure you wear you're King's African Rifles medals (Kaffir bashing for the use of) with pride.
    Even if not you're not Norm, the wearing of medals on most civilian clothing 364 days of the year (Rememberance Sunday or equivalent excepted) may, don't you think be viewed with scepticism by some ?
  17. See...
  18. Thanks for the link Superpom.

    Very nice but not my cup of tea mind.

    I'll just stick to wearing my green lid around town i think.
  19. I got one when I started my leaving routine off one Wtr, when I left the other Wtr gave me another one, then one turned up in the post with my service certificate. Therefore I have sold two on Ebay. £20 each.
  20. Whats the minimum length of service you have to have done to get one of these badges?

    A recruit wouldn't recieve one after leaving in training would they?

    But then someone who leaves within rights of being under 18 in the first few months after training should hardly be considered a veteran either lol

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