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UK4U Christmas Boxes for overseas deployed personnel


Lantern Swinger
Not sure where to post this but I read an article by Major General The Duke of Westminster in the ever popular "Defence Director" (a GOVNET publication) about uk4u - a charity (of which he is patron) that sends christmas gifts to overseas troops.

A brilliant idea and the article quoted him as saying "as desk officers we're lucky enough to go home to our families. Some people aren't quite so lucky" - an admirable sentiment and one that hammered home particularly strongly this year.

The article goes on to say that one of the charity aims was "ensuring all overseas personnel, across all three services, receive a Christmas box each year, filled with various small gifts"

For those of you deployed overseas this Christmas (not in a diplomatic post or accompanied by family) - did you get a uk4u christmas box?


War Hero
Flat no; nor did any of the other 15 guys serving down here with me. We were hoping they would arrive and smuggle a little Christmas into this heathen based country.

I just posted a moan on another topic regarding the queen’s speech. The thought would have been nice but excuses of not enough in theatre and lack of air bridge, etc were used. I only pray that the desk officers in the IZ didn’t miss out. That’s all that matters.

Interestingly it is bloody impossible to take more than a few steps without having to step over an American, Danish or other national who is swamped with packages from well meaning members of their own public.

Thankfully my wife didn't let the side down. It's amazing how well miniature bottles of port travel wrapped in bubble wrap. Adding in the Christmas Puds we "borrowed" things weren't too doom and gloom.

Missed the queens speech though as the BFBS is still on the blink and waiting for an engineer to fix it.

Am I bovvered though? After all, second Christmas is Best!!! :wink:



War Hero
Charity (no disrespect dubaipusser) would be an appropriate thread. Moved with shadow in Current Affairs.
In my 'younger days ' and doing the majority of Christmas holidays away from home on ships we used to get an issue of duty free cigarettes --story being that they were ex customs detained as contraband .Instead of
destroying them they dished them out to us lowly paid lot

Camels-Lucky Strike -Chesterfields at least it was a kind thought.
I suppose now it would all be stopped cos the non smoker /pc/ thinkers .


Lantern Swinger
Seadog said:
Charity (no disrespect dubaipusser) would be an appropriate thread. Moved with shadow in Current Affairs.

Thanks seadog - I knew someone would come to my aid (no pun intended!)
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