UK 'Worst Place For Child Welfare'

Exactly; a damning indictment. We meet this dog-eat-dog attitude in our everyday lives outside the Mob. I'm alright, f**k you and I want it and I want it now. Is it any surprise that the kids have grasped it as the new morality. A more detailed account is;

It's interesting that, although we are at the overall bottom of the table, that great example to us all is just above us. Is that also not surprising? As much as I loath this Government, I think this has been brewing for years.
No surprise, if I had sprogs there is no way I would bring them to school in the UK, kids in this part of the world know the meaning of respect, I see it every day. Most of the little oiks I see in UK are spoilt and lack respect and discipline.


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It's all to do with upbringing and there are fewer and fewer stable families (married mother and father) providing a decent one.

The children in question do not know to behave any better than the way they do.
Everyone seems bent on blaming someone else.
Therein lies the problem inherent to Britain these
days: If you have kids, and they are brought up
poorly, it is no one else's fault but your own.
We know governments are crap. We know we
can't trust politicians. We know life is going to be
tough. And we know many schools are crap. So
if you know that, why do you, then, complain
when this little corrupt group do what you
expect them to do?
If you have a kid it is YOUR job to bring it up. No
one else's.
If you want a nation with smarter kids: Remove
child benefit!

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Jenny_Dabber said:
SLIM, please start posting in the CA forums!

Posting in the Qtr deck to avoid detection will not work!
Jenny I do post in CA however I didn't think that this topic merited such a distinguished forum.
When I consider ta subject really crap it goes in Diamond Lills or perhaps directly to the gash barge. :smile:
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