UK troops continue to destroy Gaddafi assets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 10, 2011.

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  2. Troops, eh. I wonder if someone in Truth Central is angling for job with one of the red-tops. Anyway, good to see that the Navy and Air Force were helping out in the background.
  3. Aye so much for Camerons's master plan what a bunch of clowns in charge once again.
  4. After weeks of intensive ariel bombardment from some of the most advanced armed forces in the world there is still no end in sight.
    Ever had one of those stubborn stains that just wouldn't shift ?....:banghead:
    This is a job for..............:batman:
  5. "UK troops continue to destroy Gaddafi assets" as posted by our MOD reps.

    I think the only assets that are being diminished are our own. The costs are mounting daily and I doubt if the full cost will be met by the Treasury. The other forays into the Middle East haven't been met in full by the contingency fund, will this one be any different.
    Anyone heard from Rumrat recently?
  6. On the plus side we seem to be seeing a bit more grit in the Rebel forces as their transformation from keen amateurs to blooded warriors continues (and without NATO they would not have survived long enough to have started this transformation) and now the UAE has joined Qatar in recognising the National Transitional Council as the "legitimate" government in Libya UAE recognises Libya’s rebel council | World | DAWN.COM every little helps and I don't think we should always be in such a hurry to condemn our Government or to jump to the conclusion that it is all just a matter of "tiny steps to full engagement" (it might be but it is increasingly likely that it will not be (IMO)

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