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UK Trades Training

UK Trades Training is proud to sponsor this forum, we are preferred supplier to the armed forces and we are registered with the CTP and ELCAS for anyone wishing to use their ELC and Resettlement entitlements.
We specialise in fast track Plastering, Tiling, Locksmith, Electrics, Bricklaying, Painting and Decorating and Kitchen Fitting courses.
UK Trades Training have trained hundreds of force leavers and thousands of civilians over the 7 successful years we have been trading, We are accredited by City and Guilds, EDI and CAA up to level 3 for anyone wishing to gain industry qualifications and the correct hands on training. Thinking of using your ELC entitlements, we make the process very easy for you.
We have delivered and maintained very high standards of tuition throughout the years we have been trading. Our reputation is built upon the success of our past students, many of them now running their own businesses. You can be rest assured training with us is everything you need to start your new career or do your own projects.
We run straight to the point Courses from our 10,000 square foot purpose built training centre. We are well known around the UK for the quickest learning methods available. We have trainees from all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales travelling to us because of our reputation and the quality of training we have delivered over the last 7 years. You will gain a very good understanding of how to become successful in these well paid professions and become your own boss upon completion.

We are a UK Government approved UK trades training centre. The information you receive on our courses is derived from the British Standards codes of practice so you can be assured of the quality training you will undertake. All our fast track trades courses are designed to set you on your way into employment or self employment and the certificate awards that you will receive upon completion of your courses will be evidence and go towards your full NVQ qualifications this will ensure that you have been trained to the highest levels and standards.

Anyone thinking of learning a trade skill for personal or to start a new career in the construction trades,

please visit

You can use your ELC entitlements for our courses

Thank You
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