UK 'to end direct aid to 16 countries'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. I never knew we gave aid to Russia,are our rulers mad?I knew Blair and Broon were but I expected better from this present guy.
    He's made some good moves but fell away in obvious things.
    Aid to corrupt countries is one of them.
    Yemen is a hot bed of anti-Western feeling[I nearly got stabbed once by some Fecker in Aden I still shudder at the size of the knife he pulled!] I don't want my cash going there,or Somalia,or India or anywhere it's not firmly controlled,even the scam merchants of the World,Nigeria,get Aid.
    Cameron is as much a fool as the other two.
  2. Maybe charity does begin at home after all.
    One hopes.
  3. Humph - Scotland is not on that List (......yet? :wink:)
  4. Russia kept our smaller arms suppliers alive by using that money to purchase smoke grenades and stun guns from those British manufacturers. The whole charade is Quid pro quo
    You play ball with me and I'll scratch yours
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  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    "But others point out that nearly half a billion people in India are still desperately poor, and efforts to reduce global poverty will not progress without significant aid." Others still (like me) would point out that the poor of India, which clearly - from its arms and space exenditure - has immense surplus wealth, are primarily the responsibility of the Government of India, which could well re-prioritise its resources if its culture contained one smidgin of a sense of social responsibility. The Third World generally is the prisoner of cultures which lack this to the point of being, often, shameless kleptocracies.

  6. It's a bugger ain't it. :icon_smile:
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  7. Time has come to bin the begging letters to us and start sending our own?

    How many countries would donate.....that would be intesting?
  8. But who listens to sensible people like you? This writer doesn't for a start.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    .. but, as the Parliamentary expenses scandal shows, UK has also become a kleptocracy, except that our leaders aren't quite so good at it (although Bliar and his ghastly wife seem to me to do their best and kicked us back to the 18th century as far as sinecures and lucrative patronage go) and do at least take turns. And the EU seems to be one vast protection racket.
  10. Go and see Les Mis. Outstanding with a few tips toward resurrection
  11. China already have.

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  12. £582.99!! 8-O for a phone are you a hedge fund manager?
  13. Should add india to that list. Save a fortune. Specially as many Indian officials seem to suggest they dont really need the cash. Insanity
  14. Well Seaweed, not only do I listen to you, but I agree with you too!

    Sorry, but when everybody has to pull in the spending and the NHS, Military et al is being pared to the bone, then, ease back on all the foreign bribery, sorry, aid (it's only bribery when one of our largest companies does it.....).

    As has been stated before, any country capable of nuclear and space development does not need handouts from us.
  15. Pardon me for being dense, but if that's the reason... couldn't we just have used the money to buy the hardware for ourselves? That way we keep our industries afloat and get plenty of gucci kit for our forces.
  16. If we stopped bribing the indians all of our forces personnel could have their very own set of NV goggles for watching their flat screens in their single mans slam.. lol
  17. I'm from Carlisle, I nicked it.
  18. On BBC Radio 2 today the subject of India being in receipt of our foreign aid was being discussed.a bod from Oxfam was argueing that just because the Indian government chose to spend their not incosiderable funds on the Armed Forces and developing into a nuclear power rather than helping their poor folk did not mean that Britain should not give aid.The theory being that if we did not people would die unnecessarily when they could be saved and those deaths would be on the British consciences.Oxfam are very much an interested party as they are one of the NGOs that get the cash.No-one enquired whether we could ever expect the Indians to look after their own but why should they when there are soft touches like the British government to prop them up.

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