UK TERRORISTS Be Ret'nd back to Country of Origin?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by paddlequack, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Take this slowly and read through it first :)

    I've just seen yesterdays Daily Mail (I think it's yesterdays i forgot to look as on the way to my computer with my daily 'ritual' of toast and tea i was in a rush to start noshin!
    Anyway back to the story:
    Basically these Sith Lord women (Muslim women in Burkhas) were trancing round London with signs saying something along the lines of Die Police or something like that.
    And that Pratt Captain Hook down at Finsbury park saying that "all non muslims should die"

    And this i found on some website "To criminalize hijab is to criminalize Islam. This is the intension of this law - to outlaw the practice of Islam." this URL shows the full story to the quote.

    Basically i am not a NF/BNP member, i have a close asian friend who is a legend and a few other ethnic connections in my rank of friends.
    I'm just sick of PC trying to stop us being ourselves and letting these Extremists live in this country whilst the government knowing full well that 65% of them believe 7/7 was justified.
    Basically 65% of the muslims in London/England show recognition for the deaths and carnage that happened those few years back.

    What does everyone feel about this?
  2. Perhaps they were having a go at the Polizei.

    Seriously; the problem would be if they had a British Passport only. Another country would not be obliged to take them. It's also possible that some of them were born here. Sending them "home" would be rather a problem.
  3. Fair comment paddlequack - however should not our legal reps be then looking at deporting them to a 'third' country where they can vent their spleens?

    The common '5/8s' as my father used to call the working 'man' have to obey the laws of our land so any persons of particular religion do so - if they are born here or not.

    The British Justice System is based on FACING your accusers and postively identifying the defendant these people are trying to turn our way of Justice on its head by shielding themselves.

    CONFORM - lets not bend the laws of the land to allow people to be EXCEMPT - they are mounting barriers within OUR society.

    When these peoples sons and daughters are dying for our country, and policies, at the same percentage as they have come here perhaps their opinion could be of some BRISTISH worth - I am no BNP - but when it comes to EQUAL rights they too have equal rights to conform and serve the country they CHOSE -
  4. Personally if they are found guilty of acts of Terrorism,then they should face the death Penalty.
  5. If they are born in Britain, then no-one is going to take them if they are stripped of citizenship, so its a non-starter.
  6. Switch to a Mac or Linux then...
  7. erghhh never can't play my games then :)

    I just meant the terrorists who were NOT born in this country.
  8. Bill Gates?

    with his cash balance I'm not convinced there is much we can do.....
  9. If they are not British citizens and are even suspected of having links with terrorists they should be deported back to their country of origin along with any non British family members. The time for a good clear out is long overdue IMO.
  10. See" Is this a true statement" in the Current Affairs forum.
    Send em back
  11. Finknottle wrote,
    Kinnell Finks, I thought you and I could never agree on any given subject! I'm with you.
  12. RoofRat, It gives you that warm glow don't you think when you can find some common ground with a literary adversary? ^~
  13. I'm inclined to agree. As guests in our country we should expect to behave well. Anyone of us would turf out a relative who visited and started being abusive or threatening. These people aren't relatives, but we welcome them and allow them a hell of a lot of lattitude. Why? Guilt perhaps - because of our colonial days. Also because too many are now too scared to say anything for fear of being branded a rascist or worse and getting a visit from the thought police.

    Personally, I don't care what colour, creed, gender, size or hair colour you are. Come to the UK and behave well; work hard; contribute something positive to the society which has opened its doors to you and yours and make a good life for you and yours. If you can't then [email protected] off back to where it is apparently so much better. It's our country, visitors should adapt to our customs, not the other way.

  14. Absolutely Finks, absolutely.
  15. Watched "Children of Men" last night, an interesting concept, round up those with out British Passport and ship em out.
  16. Sadly you will find this government will do nothing about this, after all it was their policies that allowed this to happen in the first place.Luckily and also unluckily we will see something done about this in the not too distant future when the arms and legs of our families and loved ones are spread over the streets of britain yet again! Perhaps then and only then will this disasterous government react to a situation that they created.
    There should never be room in this country for hate.If you hate the way people live and behave here, then P iss off to somewhere you do like, no one is forcing you to stay here. Show some tolerance or get out.
    Peace to all.
  17. You are taking the piss here aren't you?
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, not everyone is as bitter and twisted as you? Maybe you chose your Forum nickname in irony?! :roll:
  19. I have some difficulty reconciling his other posts with the statement.

    Appreciate that I should probably have been clearer about it.
  20. Perhaps karma you should learn to distinguish between hate and disagreement/dislike.Everyone is entitled to dislike or disagree with certain aspects of peoples opinions, religion,or indeed policies however to hate something truly is going a tad too far and tends to lead to extremism and harm.None of my posts have wished harm on anyone or anything not even this government who i distrust immensely.Taking the piss i'm not, yet again please have an opinion on the topic,(like i did) not just picking holes in other peoples posts that's just too easy and somewhat boring.

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