UK should help Aussies & Kiwis in the UK

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Jimmy, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. I would have thouhgt that at the rate bars and resturants are closing the demand for skilled bar and waiting staff was falling, and if the recovery comes cheap eastern europeans will fill the jobs.
  2. Mmmmmmmmm......Eastern tummy banana's gone all tingly....
  3. I would hope this is a tongue-in-cheek type article given the stringent, almost draconian rules Australia imposses upon Poms (and others) wishing to work in Oz. A friend of mine has just returned to UK having been given one months notice to get out of the country. He had been employed as a Chef for over a year, had applied for citizenship and been sponsored by his employer. He was effictively evicted because in accordance with his work permit he was doing a job 'above his station' In other words, because he was an excellent Chef and had been given extra responsibility within the restaurant he was working outside his work permit and had to go because that job could be done by an Australian. Double standards perhaps?
  4. "...encourage them to stay longer" - so they don't end up as unemployed statistics back in their home countries, eh?
    I can think of many a type of person whom I'd like to see removed from Blighty first.
    Politicians - don't you just love 'em.
  5. If we're getting rid of all the fukking shite we've accumalated over the past can we embark on a policy of ethnic cleansing and cull all the fukking Jocks. Ginger haired, wife and kids beating, alcoholic, skirt wearing. bigoted, deep fried cuisine eating, ignorant and belligerent kunts.......we should round 'em all up and export the kunts to the Arctic for the poor fukking starving polar bears to eat. Two birds killed with one stone....
  6. That is all well and good, possibly even an admirable sentiment, however surely then we open the floodgates and the Great British Public will doubtless demand similar treatment for Oggiemunchers, Sheepshaggers et al.

    Having said that............
  7. It says something, that for all the shit weather, crime, goddamned expensiveness of the UK, Aussies and Kiwis still want to come here, says a lot about thoses respective people, maybe they hate each other there as much as we despise them. Thats Aussies btw, Kiwis top guys.
  8. You can ferk off,we dont want them up here,send em to the ferkin Yukon, :wink:
  9. I see 150 Brits took advantage of the €10.00 ($20) airfare to Australia this week
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I suggest that we allow the 126,00 Antipodeans to come here to work, on the understanding that the same number of our local layabouts on benefits take their place down under. May be they will then learn to have the same work ethic for when they come back.
  11. As I watch what is going on at Headingly today I say send them all back toute de suite!

  12. :D 8)

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