UK resident, been on a USA scholarship, Need a 'residency waiver' HELP?


Hi everyone

Would appreciate your help. I have shown an interest in the Navy and my local Barracks have been in touch to state I need to start the process for a residency waiver, i.e. a police report, itinerary and references.

No idea where to start? Can anyone help?

Many thanks


War Hero
If you hold a Brit passport but have been resident overseas for a period in excess of 180 days, during the last five years, a residency waiver is required to gain security clearance.

All you need do is provide your AFCO with a list of dates & postal addresses during your period of overseas residency, a police-check printout from the local cops showing that you have a clean record whilst resident in that country and usually an employer or educational reference confirming your dates of residence, what you were doing and an overall character reference vouching for your good character.

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