UK Residency for Officers and Ratings


Hello RR,

I've read previously that officer cadets are required to have UK residency for 4 - 5 years prior to application.

It's been 6 years since I last lived in Blighty, but I am willing to move back and do the time in order to join the RFA. I suppose I'll just have find something else to do while I build up my residency (suggestions welcome, especially if it will add value to my future RFA deck officer cadetship application) . . .

However, if the RFA, like some OR trades in the armed forces, allow people to join the lower deck with no previous UK residency, then that could be an option. If so, is there a clear and supported pathway from rating to deck officer, or would I actually be setting myself back if the goal is to become a deck officer?

Thank you for your time.


War Hero
Try the site search engine. This subject has been done, not quite to death but the chaplain has been called.

Or phone the RFA Recruitment Cell for a 'guess free in date I heard I think' answer. Then share the information.

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