UK Pork fed to Muslim prisoners.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by doublehelix, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. The Ministry of Justice is to suspend a firm supplying meat to prisons after tests found that it may have provided pies and pasties described as Halal - but with traces of pork DNA.

    Link: Meat Trade News

    If these Muslims had followed the teaching of the Qur'an they would not have found themselves 'banged- up' and this situation would not have affected them, so I for one could not care less, in fact I find it slightly amusing.
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  2. Don't let them have pork.............................It's far too good for them:grin:
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  3. I would give them nothing but pork, eat it or starve no feeling towards them here, I hear Tesco's has a shed load of burgers it wants rid off
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  4. I think the company involved should make an apology to the prisoners and to the Justice system they were paid to provide a service and have failed so they should loose this contract.

    I dont however believe the justice system should be held responsible for this at all they put a system in place and have been badly let down.

    Anyone that thinks this is ok is blatantly just being racist. Im not a big believer in calling human rights for everything but I do believe this is a fairly simple right to accommodate.
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  5. It should contain what it says on the tin, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan or Spam I dont give a monkeys as long as it tastes nice, but it should be what it says on the tin
  6. Which end was the 'pork' being fed to them?
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  7. Does finding it amusing make me a racist? You can bet a pound to a pinch of shit there would not be such a brouhaha if the Catholics weren't getting fish on a Friday.
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  8. This gives a whole new meaning to 'a bit of snout'.

    (With acknowledgement to Ronnie Barker in 'Porridge')
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  9. Give them bread and water.................while the screws munch on a bacon sarnie or :spam1:
  10. So what about the Caucasian people who are followers of the Muslim faith? How can it be racist as they are of the same race. Nice try to pul the racism card. Someone must be running out of points of view for their standpoint.

    I wonder how many prisoners are being fed unknowingly Halal food which they would object to on the grounds of the treatment of the animal being slaughtered?
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  11. I believe the Jewish faith forbids the consumption of Pork.There must be prisoners of that faith but to date I have heard of no cooncern for their sensibilities.

  12. My God pink lint, I was practically brought up on the stuff, a tasty meal dipped in batter and pan fried and fortunately we were Church of Turkey.

  13. You are correct but eating bacon can have serious consequences for them, look what happened to HMS Totem aka INS Dakar after the crew had tucked into a wedge of bacon butties in our barracks.
  14. I wonder how much choice regarding food Christians get in Muslim Country's gaols?
  15. I think the worst affront is not that there were pork traces in the Halal meat, but the method of butchering these animals. Slitting their throats whilst the executioner mumbles a few words from th Koran in Arabic. Poor animals probably don't appreciate the prayer, but would appreciate being stunned first!
    The answer is if you want halal meat import it.
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  16. I take it these burgers they want rid of are pork burgers, otherwise that statement makes no sense whatsoever.
  17. The only thing that makes sense to me in this thread is the first post.

    But then again I'm biased - I detest all organised religion.
  18. Surely you mean religionist (if that's an "ist") as anyone from any race can be a muslim, or are you one of those that like to use the present in-word of racist to anyone who presents a viewpoint against someone else who is a different colour/religion/nation etc etc .

    A far over-used word IMO.
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  19. Maybe it is an over used word but it is the word in common usage to describe both racial and religious discrimination. That being correct or not is another matter.

    Also to whoever said about christians not getting there religious preferences cared for in another country is neither here nor there. This is the UK and not some third world country, we cant base what we do on what they would do.
    Im not sure if Catholics HAVE to have fish on Friday but if it is a requirement rather than a preference then of course they should have fish on a Friday.
  20. I don't believe it is a word commonly used to describe religious discrimination, just a word thrown into the mix to stifle debate and reasoned argument. If you mean religious discrimination then say it.
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