UK Pledges £375 million to feed the starving

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Thousands of people gathered in London's Hyde Park on Saturday 8[SUP]th[/SUP] June to demand action on ending world hunger as Prime Minister David Cameron hosted talks on malnutrition ahead of the G8 summit. The UK has pledged to give an extra £375 million to try and feed people in some of the world's poorest countries.


    I have two questions here:

    (1) if we are skint and we are, just where does this no small sum of money come from?

    (2) Wouldn't it be a good idea if we are going to spend money that we don't have to spend some of it on promoting birth control?
  2. Finky, first answer. From the bottomless pocket of the taxpayer. Question two, limit children to two per couple then use the money to carry out compulsory vasectomies.
  3. Try feeding the poor in our own soil, Cameron, charity starts at home.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Feeding the dead is economically unsound.

    Once I supported overseas aid, it buys influence. We can't afford to buy influence anymore.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seaweed goes to his bank manager for yet another loan. BM: 'What do you want it for, you are overdrawn already'. Seaweed: 'I want to give the money away to people who can't pay it back.' BM: 'see that glass thing with handles on it? It's called the door. Use it.'

    Is not a huge part of this poverty (not all) the result of misgovernment?

    Southern Rhodesia was once the breadbasket of Africa .. now look at it.
  6. One of those starving countries........................[​IMG] [​IMG]

    The same one..............................................[​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Good at least some of my tax is going to deserving people and not council house scum.
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  8. The main problem facing many of the countries who have starving children is that their leaders(governments) are creaming off their nations wealth, such as it is, for their own gain rather than spending it on their countrymen/women/children. The likelihood that any of this new cash will end up benefitting it's intended targets seems remote. We cannot cure all the ills of the world by chucking cash at it and the £300 mill or so is just to shut up the noisy campaigners and hope they'll go away.
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  9. Call me a cynic but it makes Cameron look good at our expense.
  10. When I was a kid 40 odd years ago in Sunday school we made collections for the starving in Africa, 40 years on we are still giving. Nothing has changed!!!

    Today my daughter has collections in school, in 40 years nothing will have changed, apart from china collecting for us!
  11. You're a cynic .......there, happy now !
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  12. Charming...................
  13. When he says he is giving money to the poorest country, all that means is he should give it back to us. And was it not the same Mr Cameron who said he wasn't going to give aid to other countries, that he was going to spend it on our military?

    Back in the days of school, we bought a pump for some African village. When the aid workers went back to the village a year later, the pump wasn't being used, because apparently the river was closer...
  14. There is an interesting book called 'dark star Safari'
    Traces his trip back to the African village where he volunteered 30 years previously with an NGO. He gets there and nothing's changed.
    Sad really.
    The Answer? Make the leaders of the countries be accountable for their citizens. Take the Congo. One of the richest In resources. Not withstanding the Belgians pillaging and genocide. It's larger than Western Europe and used to be called the bread basket of Africa.
    Nowadays it's a disaster.
    God help them their going to need it.
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  15. When did he say that then?
  16. In February he said something about diverting some overseas aid to defence, maybe its dawned on someone in charge that we shouldnt be giving aid to places that have a space program and nuclear bombs, if we give aid it should be in the shape of equipment, food, manpower etc and not money.
  17. Yeah ... I can remember that too! There was also a couple of "gift aid" things going about a few years ago too ... "don't send christmas cards ... buy a Sudanese farmer a flock of chickens with the money instead" ... and I suspect most of them ended up as Sunday Lunch! Bit like give a man a fish and he'll feed the family for a day ... teach him to fish etc etc ... and theres the question about Water Aid putting stand pipes in and fresh drinking water which they don't use because the river is closer.

    I just think that the 3rd world is just too keen on getting handouts from the likes of UK plc without doing anything tangible to help themselves - they are basically too lazy to get off their a*se and do something! They have no population control and even if they did the RC Church tends to scupper the idea before it starts. Most of the money given goes towards arming the warlords or providing for a comfortable lifestyle for the tribal chiefs etc and precious little goes towards feeding the masses. Think thats why Uncle Sam now just sends in "food aid" rather than giving them dosh. I also read somewhere (years ago) that for every £1 given to Oxfam less than 10p actually ends up going to the intended recipients ... the rest is swallowed up in "administration" costs although I'm not sure just how accurate that is now. One reason I dont give to the likes of Oxfam/Christian Aid etc ... I'd rather give to the local Hospice .. although that really should come under the mainstream NHS and not have to self fund.

    I can see the point that gifting £375million would give creadence to the fact that UK plc can be seen as doing something particularly within the Western world - but until someone can do something about the corruption and inability to do something for themselves I personally do think it will make a jot of difference.... I ain't going to hold my breath!
  18. That's a bit different to 'not giving any' foreign aid.
  19. Correct, but I'm not responsible for Tanters hearing/eyesight/interpretation, just saying what was said
  20. Let me see if I've got this right, all we've got to do to prevent children starving around the world is cut out greed and corruption in their leaders, put and end to civil wars, sectarian squabbles and inter-tribal fighting and all will be rosy. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, throw trillions of pounds in the general direction of the problems. On problem is, where to start.

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